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I have tried just about every cannabis growing hydroponic system out there… The Truth: (They All Work) However, with that said, there is ONE system that comes to mind that is, in my honest opinion, by far the BEST for beginners. This is NOT to say that it yields inferior buds, either.. No way.. I still use this system to this day and I have been growing nearly a decade. Check out my video and discover an easy hydro method, that is perfect for beginners who want huge yields and ease of growing… Check Out My Blog: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydro Halo Halo’s – Grow Room Drip System Setup Best Easiest Drip Systems for Indoor GardensNutriculture Hydroponic System Best Hydroponic System For Grow Tents Tent Hydro System Silver BoxEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodBubble Flow Buckets. Voted “Best Bucket Grow Hydro System”A beginners guide to growing hydroponic cannabis at homeI Grow Chronic! Cannabis Hydro Cultivation

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  • William Hall 1 year ago

    really… shut up

  • Delta serrano 1 year ago

    i have a new hero!

  • Washroom Grower 1 year ago

    sorry this guy grows weed and is semi successful. ..however. start off with the opening line..complex. is it complex ? light plus c02 plus water. thats it photosynthesis. and saying hydro will get you bigger yields is false. yield depends on space light c02 and water. nothing more if you have a 600w light you will get less yields than a 1000w light . if you grow hydro with 4x4x8 space under 1000w light with c02 burners you will get a massive yield. same if you grow in soil or coco under a 1500w light with c02 and same space you will get a higher yield by 500w. changing medium doesnt grow more it just grows faster weed does not grow that way. it has a life cycle. some good info but this video is full of misleading info

  • si2517 1 year ago

    How often do you water with the timer?

  • Milv Hunder 1 year ago

    it Looks soooo bad

  • Chris 1 year ago

    not sure why ppl not going with dwc or aeroponic straight away. gets u even more yield and rly easy to maintain once u are used to it

  • skilo81 1 year ago

    thanks for video but can you show us your setup? reservoir, pump etc… what nutes you use etc.

  • incongra 1 year ago

    Sorry but I make a point of never watching any videos which start with "What's Up Guys"

  • Al Robinson 1 year ago

    awesome video make me think hydro not soil for first time since Canada allows patients to grow now learning as much as i can

  • justin asbury 1 year ago

    so what kinda pump and size of resivor? i am a hand water with soil still and i am thinking of tryin to go hydro but i have constant power outtages i like this set up

  • Grow Stronger 420 1 year ago

    Best Cannabis Hydro System For Beginners!