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A multitude of questions receive my very best detailed answers. Post your question for a personal answer on my programs. Best of luck on your indoor growing! 105 watt bulb: Be sure to subscribe to my OTHER gardening channel for outdoor growing, recipes, pets and MORE! ALL Things are Possible Related PostsTop 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)Hydroponics Growing – Best of Hydroponics Grow Box Systems, Indoor Gardening, & LED Grow LightsBest And Most Popular Indoor Gardening Tips One Should Know- Indoor Gardening TipsMaximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2012 – Best Products to Grow More, Yield MoreBest Vegetable to Grow for Indoor Gardening & More Organic Gardening Q&ASuper Best indoor garden design ideas | Small space indoor gardening

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  • Otto Ayres 1 year ago

    My week was great 2016 ended just the way I wanted it to, and 2017… will be great!

  • SuperPropwash 1 year ago

    There are newer Full Spectrum Grow light bulbs that are more efficient and help plants to grow and be more healthy. A 30w bulb has worked well for me for two tomato plants I have growing inside for the winter. You should give them a try. They are about $10 apiece. Look for them online on eBay or Amazon. Look up how well they work.

  • Jeff Tangen 1 year ago

    Walking through my neighbourhood this summer I noticed someone had an odd looking tree with what looked like spiny walnuts , one day I walked past and the owner was in his yard so I stopped to talk to him , turns out it was a buckeye tree he had found in a local nursery a few years ago and planted it assuming it was fine to grow in northern Canada ! Turns out after some research and care it is a 15' healthy tree and produces nuts every other year and he's not sure why it would grow here to this day lol .

  • Nate Lincoln 1 year ago

    I love watching both channels. I don't know if the tomato seeds are ready yet but i'd love to try them out here in Palm Springs, CA and see how well they do. I have worked my soil to a rich beautiful dark well drained fluffy mix with the drainage of sand. I will send you an empty envelope and a few stamps :)

  • Brian K 1 year ago

    Ray. I live close to where you worked in Plainfield. I didn't know you were a homeboy

  • Debbie Coppock 1 year ago

    I saw you buy this plant!!! Is it the same one?

  • Lee Willis 1 year ago

    I love what you did with the milkweed seeds. so cool. I am trying to establish milkweed around our property to attract and feed the monarch's. It is the true butterfly weed, not to be confused with butterfly bush, which is actually quite unhealthy for butterflies – like candy… also can become invasive. Thank your demonstrating this technique for us and promoting local, natural plants that are good for the wildlife.

  • Natalie Perez 1 year ago

    Hi Ray, I love that plant but how do you spell it? horse what? Such beautiful, healthy plants you have.

  • Chase Wilson 1 year ago

    I bought the lights you suggested but I can't find any fixture so could you give me a link for that too. Thanks love the vids

  • I hope that papaya is a hermaphrodite .would be awesome to see it setting fruit

  • TheH20please 1 year ago

    Hi, Ray. I want to thank you for helping me save my monstera. After you mentioned soggy roots I checked out the drainage on the huge flower pot and saw the I had forgotten to open the drain holes. It did well in the shade during our 110° summer but recently started looking pretty bad. Sure enough I got the pot to drain (after over watering it to "help" it) and about a gallon of the stinkiest water came pouring out. It has perked up beautifully this week. You're the best.

  • Tyler Burton 1 year ago

    any tips you can give

  • Feathers Black 1 year ago

    Question. Do you compost any of your kitchen waste? I know you compost the chicken poo and grass, but I don't remember if you ever said anything about kitchen waste. (like coffee grounds, veggies, egg shells, etc.)

  • gw W 1 year ago

    hahaaha rascal.. he got himself a bunny finally, well, a part of bunny

  • flamindigo 1 year ago

    following your instructions, I planted a mango. It is 2 years old and almost 4' tall. I've lightly pruned it. Some of the leaves turned from light green to copper brown. These were my first pruning victims. Those stems never sprouted new leaves. It has not yet put out any fruit. I live in Texas. My soil has a lot of clay, and I added a lot of sand. The questions are, 1. are those brown, flexible leaves a bad thing? and 2. how old does it have to be before it flowers,? oops, 3. do I need to have more than 1 plant to produce fruit, or can I hand pollinate?

  • Louie Katuray 1 year ago

    i want to go there hahahh

  • Louie Katuray 1 year ago

    hi there

  • DestroyerOfDoom 1 year ago

    this is the only video I know with no dislikes, thanks ray for the great videos keep it up!