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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Home to Berry Architecture + Associates and Downey Roth Hrywkiw Fidek LLP, the former Red Deer Bowladrome is now the award-winning Gold LEED-certified Fidek Office Building, the first privately-owned building to receive such in the City of Red Deer, Alberta. Key elements were energy and efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and modern comfort and functionality. The building’s crowning glory is the green roof which features a stream, native plantings, vegetable gardens, and bird, butterfly, and bee habitats. Designed and installed by Living Lands Landscape & Design, the green roof boasts indigenous plant species of Alberta’s prairie and parkland ecosystems. Plants were selected so that one or more species are in bloom from early spring through to late autumn, providing an ongoing source of food in the form of nectar, pollen, and seeds. Water in the design takes the form of a flowing stream, providing a place for birds to bathe and drink, pollinators to access water, insects to lay eggs, and aquatic life to exist. Shelter has been created by both natural and man-made nesting structures in the form of standing and horizontal snags, a butterfly hibernaculum of stacked wood, bee blocks and bumble bee boxes, cavity-nesting bird boxes, and stone piles. Installation of webcams, habitat box cameras, and citizen science projects are all initiatives to gain an understanding of how the site is being used by wildlife and how its usage evolves. Exploring new methods of how to increase successful plant establishment, eliminate the need for irrigation, and reduce maintenance requirements has also been a goal. Careful consideration to design and installation techniques has made this green roof a viable habitat for Alberta’s indigenous pollinators and a showcase for many of its indigenous plant species. Click here: […]

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