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The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Straight To The Point a new short series giving great information to help everyone to be better in the garden and home. Joey shows how and why to use Epsom salt in the garden, especially when planting tomatoes. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsContainer Vegetable Gardening: Using Epsom Salt, Fertilizer, My Mid August RoutineEPSOM SALT IN GARDENING | Benefits in Gardening, Plants and Soil | Garden Tips in EnglishEpsom salt benefit in gardening || Epsom salt का पौधों पर क्या असर होता है।See What Happens When You Add Epsom Salt to Your PlantsPrep Your Garden Bed for Spring NOW using FREE Leaves // 3 Benefits and the Easy How ToBenefits Of Using Pine Straw Mulch In Garden And Finding Morels

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  • q zorn 1 year ago

    good job.

  • John Holloway 1 year ago

    Question, I noticed you spreading it around the plants, can you mix it in with the soil? Or, would doing that decrease it's usefulness!?

  • JudkinsJourney 1 year ago

    We learned our lesson last year, had lots of blossom end rot, will need to remember this for this year's!

  • Captain Ron 1 year ago

    Good video & thanks for posting. Could you direct me to any science-based field trials about this?

  • Tom tran 1 year ago

    Thank you for your respond back

  • Tom tran 1 year ago

    Is all Epsom same there's one for bath and one for garden?

  • halfmoon407 1 year ago

    I'm wondering if will help with the gophers too. Go Packers

  • hera69ing 1 year ago

    How often would you use to control slugs?  We have an AWFUL infestation of the things!

  • Khan Productionz 1 year ago


  • The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener 1 year ago

    Thank you

  • LuvTheSnapper 1 year ago

    It really helps with blossom end rot. I started watering in epsom and azomite when I watered my toms, and no more blossom rot.

  • Hoda Gibreel Osman 1 year ago

    maybe magnesium sulphate extracted from the salt, but that is a process on how to produce as crop fertilizer.

  • Hoda Gibreel Osman 1 year ago

    Thanks for a clear reply John, as seen I am beside raw salt in high pile for export as de-icing, and I am a salt exporter from Egypt, while I know salt is harming the plants, when some infos from herein mentioned EPSOM salt as seems useful for plant grow…Clear… it is NOT.

  • Aviary Pixionary 1 year ago

    EPSOM salts – MgSO4 = magnesium sulfate where table salt is NaCl = sodium chloride. Table salt / sodium chloride is used as a plant killer and there is no beneficial way to use it on your desired plants.

  • Reaganite71 1 year ago

    Oh yes. It improves photosynthesis and greens the plant up.

  • Hoda Gibreel Osman 1 year ago

    Do you think Epsom salt has additives that will be useful for the plants, as I consider salt for food and cooking, while calcium and magnesium extracted from raw salt are of so many uses.

  • groovesme 1 year ago

    Glad to be of service.

  • TheSonoman1976 1 year ago

    Good suggestion. I planted 7 big boy bush tomatoes today and sprinkled some around them.. We will see if I makes a difference. Thanks!

  • The Self Sufficient Life 1 year ago

    Thanks! I have seen Bittersalz. I didn't think about Google translate. I gave up on it a while back because I do speak German fairly well, or so they say, and google translate kept giving me really messed up translations for conversations. Guess that's the difference between a direct translation for a word and trying to translate a conversation where one must understand a bit of the way of thinking to understand well.