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My 26-month-old son sowed Spinach seeds recently, here is a sneak peek of our cute gardening exercise. Read my latest blog post about 9 benefits of gardening with kids/toddlers – Do not forget to subscribe my blog to get all the posts in your mailbox. For more on parenting, early learning, Montessori, creativity, healing, visit my blog – The K Junction Blog – Facebook Page – Facebook Group – Twitter – Instagram – Some of my recent posts – ———————— Montessori inspired shelf (Educational) activities for toddlers – April 2017 – DIY Easter Resurrection Garden & Easter fun with kinetic sand – Montessori toddler practical life skills – Line drying – Montessori principles in action – DIY Montessori object permanence box – Early childhood brain development & Quantum cards review – What’s On Our Bookshelf – 11 Book Recommendations For Toddlers – Montessori inspired skola toy review – stacking gear – Whats on our Montessori shelf March 2017 – All that you wanted to know about tangram & how to introduce it to your toddler/kids – Hands-on Geography lesson about continents for toddlers & preschoolers – My 23 months old son helping me in the kitchen – 6 Important steps to prepare a toddler for daycare/preschool – Music – Video Rating: / 5 So why are earthworms important to your garden? Join Charles J. Simon as he explains how the earthworm make soil fertile and why are earthworms are so important. Learn how earthworms help soil and how to attract more worms to your garden. Looking for more information on earthworms? Check out these resources: ” The Worm Book: The Complete Guide to Gardening and Composting with Worms” . […]

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