Why Do We Garden In Containers? The short answer is, it’s fun, easy, and in some cases, actually works better than traditional gardening in a plot or raised bed! Join me in this video as I go through my top 3 reasons why I still garden in pots and containers when I have unlimited plot space and more raised beds than I can even deal with.

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Benefits of Container Gardening

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  • CM Sag

    Read that you should only use food grade containers for gardening. Read that on the net, so, I know there is alot of disinformation published, but it makes sense to me. I use pails with the 2 on the bottom. What do you think? Enjoy your vids.

  • Renee Evans

    I noticed all my veggies did much better in pots except my cukes as they are doing great in the ground. Do u know if i was given flowers from outside can i take them by root and plant them in pots as house plants??

  • Frederick Fyfe

    I do my containers a little differently – I cut the bottoms out of two gallon frosting containers from the supermarket – I place the cover under the container and fill with home made potting mix and transplant or grow tomatoes, peppers and cukes in them in the cellar. I can move them out to the enclosed screen house while there is still a chance of frost. I fill a bunch of milk jugs with rain water and keep them around to absorb heat and then I just use them for watering. I pick up about three weeks of growing time. When I put them outside I loosen the soil where the pot is going and slide the cover/base out and the roots grow right into the ground. Works for me at ninety-one years.

  • Silent Epsilon

    I always have issues with getting my containers (such as 5 or 7 gallon plastic pails) set up to drain correctly. Holes too small, they don't drain well, holes too big, soil gets down and cloggs them up. Put mesh at the bottom of the pot, roots grow into it and clogg it up. Do I use sand, rocks or other materials at the bottom to keep the holes open? Should I drill holes in the bottom or side or both and what size works best? What is the best way to set them up? Do different plants prefer specific container setups? Do you have a video on that? I looked, but could not find one. Thanks for the great videos.

  • sherrylynn 46

    Hey do you have any of those onion tops you planted 5 months ago growing in those containers? We're looking forward to your update 3 of 5. After this long you should have an incredible crop of onions?

  • JoDee Clark Lompa

    I love container gardening because I can make it part of my patio and decoration. Like you mentioned, containers can be moved around and I can move plants that are at different stages of growth to make my patio look special. Love your videos!

  • Jennifer

    Because of the approaching hurricane here, I just moved all of my plants from my container garden space in my yard up next to my house. Some were moved into my indoor grow room, also, because I was worried the high winds would tear up the young plants.