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We have 6 benefits in Black Soldier Flies Larvae in composting,
– Nutrients
– Speed of Process
– No Bad Smell
– Pets Feed
– Best Fertilizer
No worries about this worm or insects when you are seeing in your compost.

Happy Gardening!!

Benefits of Black Soldier Flies Larvae in Gardening

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  • Joshua Pillai

    Thank you for this video.. does having this larvae indicate that I have too much nitrogen in my pile…I read that on google but the consequences worry me. Does that mean my finished compost will have too much nitrogen? And as I am sifting my compost should I return the larvae to another compost pile or will it be okay in my vegetable garden bed?

  • RD AX

    (BSF Larvae compost ) Is it a ready to use compost.
    Please provide me some Documentation of the nutriousness of the compost for plants or crops.
    I am interested in growing them as well, but couldn't find anything about the compost. Nobody is speaking much on the leftover compost of BSF Larvae.
    Please guide me about the compost nutrients and please share your valuable knowledge kindly.
    BSF Larvae growing can easily degrade organic wastes of our country & balance its eco system in a large way.
    Please guide as much as you can.