Bellstone Heiau Cover-up - DLNR, KPD, Garden Island Newspaper, & Dept. of Interior?

The Bellstone Heiau, of the Wailua Complex of Heiau’s, has been desecrated yet again. The question is why? Why mislead the public, print false information, close the case and cover-up information regarding this sacred location of value to the Kanaka Maoli people? A sacred place for people to pray, as they perform the cultural and spiritual kuleana and rites! Why would the LEADERS of the Kauai Police Department close the police report of the missing Wailua Bellstone when it is still missing? Why would the KPD, DLNR and the Garden Island newspaper report it as being located at the museum in Lihue, when it is clearly not there as evidenced in this video? Is this sloppy investigation or a cover-up for artifacts that may have been illegally taken or sold? Personally, as a spiritual practitioner, I will never fully comprehend the desecration of this place of prayer, birth, spiritual and cultural importance. What can be gained by reporting false news and the filing of false papers unless one is hiding something? I wouldn’t want the karma that these light spirits will bring upon those who added lies to the desecration that has already been done. I pray for their healing and that they are guided to do the right thing and restore the Wailua Bellstone Heiau so the Kanaka Maoli practitioners can ring in new life. The archaeologist in 1980 said they were still there then and Frank Woerther who wrote extensively about the Wailua Complex of Heiau’s also depicted that they were in place, while others say they were destroyed years ago. Artifacts of historical and cultural significance are tracked and tagged, yet no one can account for their transfer as of yet. This heiau is located on the island of Kauai. In my humble opinion, as a spiritual practitioner, the County, State and Federal Government LEADERS from the Kauai Police Department, Mayor, Department of Land & Natural Resources, and Department of the Interior, or other agencies, need to be held accountable for the failure of their fiduciary responsibilities for the people of Kauai. Can someone please tell the truth since the archaeologist report or Frank Woerther’s writings?
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Bellstone Heiau Cover-up – DLNR, KPD, Garden Island Newspaper, & Dept. of Interior?

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