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We recently harvested about 90lbs of basil from the Bright Agrotech ZipFarm – a vertical plane indoor farming system enabling local farmers worldwide. Here’s a look behind the scenes! ( Our goal? To track the amount of time for processing and packaging the herb. This information will help our farmers plan labor costs and number of employees for their farm as well as provide our product development team with data for some upcoming projects. The variety we harvested was Genovese Basil, a typical heirloom favored by growers across the world. We brought the packaged basil to our local soup kitchen, a few Laramie restaurants, and the natural grocer. The next round of basil will test a hybrid of Genovese which is resistant to fusarium wilt and germinates faster (stay tuned for the update). Learn more about our team: —————– Connect with Bright Agrotech: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: —————– Music by: dom$ olo INI Movement invention_ Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBright Agrotech Vertical Farm TourBehind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – Our new Hydroponic Rooftop Farm – Day 1Behind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – #23 Bengaluru, welcome Hydroponic produce!Behind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – #18 Our new Hydroponic large-scale farm, KelambakkamBehind the Scenes with Future Farms (India) – Our Hydroponic Rooftop Farm – Latest UpdateThe Bright Agrotech ZipFarm™

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  • Self sufficiency 11 months ago

    Is the calculator mentioned in the video available somewhere? I am not into a profitable aquaponics, but I would like to have an overview of this "business" perspective out of curiosity.

  • Kyle Wagner 11 months ago

    Just wondering why you cut the plants off in the tower and hand carry the bunches to the weighing area? Would it make more sense to take down the whole tower, carry that to the weighing area, then do all your trimming/harvesting/cleaning/replanting at one shot?

  • Yusuf Akhmadi 11 months ago

    will harvesting by separating the plant with the roots reduce the shelf life?

  • A Galher 11 months ago

    I don't think is the best way to weight your Basil, the % Error could be high. a hanger scale could be better or a scale which can contain all the superficial area. Keep going guys

  • Cody Williams 11 months ago

    lol… 9 people for a 2 person job.

  • City Urban Farm Jim Peckham 11 months ago

    Great vids … Are you washing and drying your basil prior to placing in containers and off to market ?

  • Isaac Horton 11 months ago

    the basil looks like it has a calcium deficiency or a ph imbalance.

  • Erwin Dormoy 11 months ago

    wauw, how can i get started

  • Daniel Doss 11 months ago

    when you do the black oil sunflowers, also try an additional tray of black oil sunflower seed that's sold as birdseed and is the same thing for a much cheaper price per pound 😉

  • granny sweet 11 months ago


  • Janis Celms 11 months ago

    Wow!!Thats amazing.I have watched allmost all your videos and i am so happy,so much knowledge.Thank you for sharing your expierence
    What light did you use?My guess its a Philips LED production DR/B 150CM or different one?

  • Kotesu 11 months ago

    This attention to detail and the focus on business modelling is what sets you guys apart. Kudos!

  • JP Obbagy 11 months ago

    Great vid and keen to hear some of the stats on production volumes, harvesting times, etc. How many towers (are they 7 footers?) to generate 90lbs of basil?

  • Jason Marsh 11 months ago

    do you re-plant the basil or does it grow back out from being cut that short?

  • Giovanni Lovino 11 months ago

    Can imagine the great smell in that room XD

  • Bill Payne 11 months ago

    I can never find a market for that stuff

  • Jason Reyes 11 months ago

    thanks for the intelligence guys! keep up the amazing work

  • Jason Reyes 11 months ago

    I need that in my life. Jesus that's a dream job!!!