We recently harvested about 90lbs of basil from the Bright Agrotech ZipFarm – a vertical plane indoor farming system enabling local farmers worldwide. Here’s a look behind the scenes! (http://zipfarm.co/)

Our goal? To track the amount of time for processing and packaging the herb. This information will help our farmers plan labor costs and number of employees for their farm as well as provide our product development team with data for some upcoming projects.
The variety we harvested was Genovese Basil, a typical heirloom favored by growers across the world. We brought the packaged basil to our local soup kitchen, a few Laramie restaurants, and the natural grocer.

The next round of basil will test a hybrid of Genovese which is resistant to fusarium wilt and germinates faster (stay tuned for the update).

Learn more about our team: https://brightagrotech.com/bright-agrotech/

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Behind the Scenes! Harvesting Basil at Bright Agrotech

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