Behind the scenes garden design: how to design a Japanese garden

Japanese themed gardens are very popular among small gardens. However, some beginner gardeners are completely wrong! Garden Ninja takes you in-depth understanding of one of his latest garden designs, and provides some top garden design tips in the process! Help you create a fantastic Japanese garden! Do you need help with your garden? Why not book a one-on-one online consultation with Garden Ninja? #gardentips #gardendesign #gardening #kitchengarden #gardenanswer #japan Want to learn about the tips and tricks I use in my garden? Then watch this guide and subscribe to my Youtube channel to get more garden design tips, tricks and tricks! Why not visit my blog for hundreds of gardening guides? is provided by Garden Ninja, Manchesters garden designer and blogger Lee Burkhill. He is the RHS award-winning Chelsea Garden Designer and a member of the BBC Radio Manchester’s Saturday Morning Garden Call Expert Panel. Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:.


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  • wendyc hetherington

    Hello Lee, thank the Lord I found you. I bought my house from my sister, to be honest one of the main reasons she wanted to move was from all the hassle we had with the garden, mainly from workmen letting us down! It got to the point where Sue wouldn't even step into the garden at all! Now I am left with what is a large three layered garden. I feel so overwhelmed, so what I have decided from watching your vlogs is to just focus on three areas this year as it is all really getting me down! Where to begin? What my idea is, is to focus on the driveway and a small 'garden' opposite the kitchen window, focus on the decking (I have purchased some very large terracotta pots) no idea what to plant in them yet? and the biggest project is the driveway – oh my word, it is hard work. There is a beautiful magnolia, an evergreen (which is now pruned into a large round shape and behind that is a very tall rose (coral coloured) which is in front of a white brick shed. What I have done is lifted all the white stones, lifted the membrane and then ……. oh my! I had to get a mini skip and filled it with old bricks, tiles, glass and had to break up and remove a pile of cement!!! I had a ton of soil delivered and I got as far as lifting the stones from the right side of the driveway (a long strip) but have since been rained off, so Lord only knows what I fill find under the membrane! I have some ideas of planting and emailed a garden nursery in Ledsham, Cheshire and they will be getting 'some' of the plants I'm thinking of, but I am so afraid of getting this wrong. I only started gardening last year after being inspired by a vlog called garden answer, she is wonderful, my only worry is that our weather is SO different, she lives in Oregan! So, I did some research about garden designers in UK and found you. You appear to be a lovely young man (your Mum must be very proud of you). You are very encouraging and some of your comments about lockdown, covid and mental health issues really ring true. I suffer with dreadful anxiety and being in the garden really helps. My third project is my second level on the left of the 'path' in the back garden where I would like a zen space, so I am really looking forward to watching your vlog on behind the scene Japanese garden guide. THANK YOU SO MUCH. By the way, I live in North Wales, near the sea. Does the sea breeze and wind affect certain plants. I get the sun in the back on the deck all day until about 4 p.m. On the driveway I get the sun all day, I need to observe the little area opposite the kitchen window. I would love to have you involved in my garden. Advice on whether I have my plant choices correct would be a God send. How on earth do we deal with tiered gardens? Especially when you are doing all the work yourself, you are on a budget and workmen are a nightmare? Best wishes and I love your vlogs. Wendy, North Wales. P.S. The garden looks like a building site, the steps are all uneven and my 18 month old grandson lives with me and it is just not child friendly at all. HELP

  • Richard, A Stonemason NOT a freemason

    What a wonderful, creative talent you have Lee. To be able to demonstrate an idea on paper (or any other medium of expression) in such a detailed way for a client to actually see is certainly a bonus for any business person to have in their arsenal.
    i am very interested in seeing the actual design as the landscaped result. Do you have any plans to show the Japanese Garden when completed? It might be construed as being somewhat cruel to deprive us of that after you've teased us with the proposal.
    Blessings and Love my friend.