Added by on 2017-10-23 Master Gardener Moya Andrews talks with Tom Hollingsworth about practical tips for the beginner gardener. Video Rating: / 5 Juliet’s garden with Families and Friends(part 1 ) This includes shots of my garden from different angles, with new flowers blooming at different times, (day or night, rain or shine, my camera is always ready.) Families and friends (old and new )are always welcomed to visit my garden, and of course they don’t mind posing for a photo shoot. I don’t have artistic hands but with gardening, I sort of managed because each plant just grow and blooms the way they want to, showing their artistic beauties, each one different from the others, waiting to be appreciated and admired by everyone who happens to look at them. I love the beautiful flowers but also even just the foliage, is a beauty in itself. Most of my plants are happy and content so they stayed, some just come and go, some were destined to bring beauty to somebody else’s gardens so, they move out. In general , I leave them when they look happy where they are, but occasionally, for some special reason I move some of them to a designated spot, (with lots of love and care that my hands provide them , they usually survive). Very seldom that I divide a plant (can’t afford to, due to my limited space). I did that to Sedum, Hostas, and choral bells. This is a 2 parts video and I hope you enjoy them…..Thank you for watching………Juliet If at some point you got tired of watching, feel free to switch off your computer, I’ll understand; though I really don’t want you to miss anything (kidding aside). Bye for now……….. “J” Related PostsVegetable Gardening for Beginners – 3 Tips for Beginning Vegetable GardenersLearn […]

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  • joy soulbliss 11 months ago

    You, your garden and your family are beautiful !!!  and the love that emanates from you, your garden and your family, is simply divine !!
    Your videos sharing the love and garden is Inspirational thanks for sharing.May God bless you, your family and garden always xoxox0