Beginning Gardener Fundamentals with Joe Lamp'l

Join me for this new online course – at – as I walk you through the basics on healthy soil, selecting plants, planting basics, watering techniques, composting 101, fertilizer fundamentals, the many benefits of mulch, and more. When you follow these fundamentals, your plants will be healthy and your garden will thrive – even when gardens around you are failing.

All student are invited to join the private, course-students-only Beginning Gardener Facebook group. There – AND in the course website discussion forum – I’m answering your specific gardening questions all season long in real-time – to make sure you are ready to face all of Mother Nature’s challenges.

Plus – This new online course includes lots of bonus materials – like video demonstrations and e-books all about raised bed gardening and home composting.

You don’t need a green thumb to grow your own food! You just need to understand why these basics are important and how to implement them in your garden.

As a TV host and recognized gardening expert for nearly two decades, I’m here to be your guide to make sure you finally succeed at and enjoy growing your own food.

You just need to know the basics, and I’ve got you covered here in the Beginning Gardener Fundamentals course presented by joe gardener Online Gardening Academy™.
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Beginning Gardener Fundamentals with Joe Lamp'l

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