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Harvesting seeds from vegetables involves breaking apart the vegetable itself, picking out the fully-developed seeds and drying them out before sprouting them. Harvest seeds directly from vegetable plants with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video on gardening. Expert: Frank Burkard Contact: Bio: Frank Burkard, Jr., the third-generation proprietor of Burkard Nurseries, carries on the family tradition. Filmmaker: Max Cusimano Series Description: Growing vegetables can be done in a large-scale backyard garden, or in small containers on your apartment balcony. Grow your own vegetables with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video series on gardening. FULL INFO AT: Have you ever considered growing your own organic vegetables from home? If you think it is hard work or to difficult, then I want to share with you how I grow my own organic vegetables from home. The reason why I started growing my own vegetables was, because I realized that most vegetables that are grown commercially are sprayed with chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. I have been an organic farmer for 4 years growing organic vegetables on a commercial level. In my research before I started with this, I have found shocking information on chemical sprays that are used by commercial farmers that causes all sorts of diseases. After meeting a friend that had been exposed to chemical sprays working on a farm that did tunnel farming, I decided to change my focus to organic farming. He has picked up permanent brain damage from working with chemical sprays in tunnels. Therefore I would like to show you how to grow organic vegetables from home by following a few simple guidelines. Easy steps on how to grow your own vegetables from home are as follows: Tools you will need […]

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  • A Syd 2 years ago

    how to get seeds from microgreens??

  • Travis Boudreau 2 years ago

    thank you for showing the close up of a "black marking pen" and not the seeds

  • dtshowell 2 years ago

    I agree with you. Although I appreciate the effort, the video/info was not executed well. The title of the video should be more appropriately named, "how I store my harvested vegetable seeds".

  • MrSarafarm 2 years ago

    For beginners……it would be more helpful when you are showing the seeds and what the plant looks like at the time of collecting, for the camera to come up closer and show every step…….the information was good, just was frustrated with not being able to see what he was talking about……. Thank you