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  • Ronald Palumbo

    This Hydroponic Program  is nicely sufficient to introduce me with the various Hydroponic structures and additionally courses me to take blessings of rising Hydroponic technologies [Check Details Here  ===>fb.com/Easy-Hydroponics-Systems-166096780618260/app/208195102528120 ]. The books are well structured; they make for easy and interesting reading, plus the writing is excellent, highly accessible and free of the unnecessary explanations that can slow down the read. This book is your practical guide to good gardening, and no matter your level in gardening, you’ll find a lot of information that can enhance your experience.

  • Martin Chavez

    Hopefully this is not a duplicate comment…
    To read the test more accurately, overlay the test bottle over the test solution. This provides more contrast and you can better tell where on the solution bottle the the test results are. The result is where the solution in the test bottle blends into the test solution bottle. Cheers

  • Mary Turton

    Hi, Braxton — is natural light okay for the hydroponic spinach? I do not have a south window availabe, but I have a corner with big windows on both walls that meet to make the corner. One is west facing and the other is north facing. Thanks.

  • Сергей Самарин

    Hi, if you get good results, can you write the solution of flora series? I have gro, micro, bloom, ripen, bio roots. And could you write a solution for all weeks of growing?

  • Bob w

    precipitation is why they come in separate containers. Some elements bond in high concentration locking out elements but stay in solution in low plant usable level.

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