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Laban Ditchburn interviews Dr Paul Mason in a wide ranging and entertaining discussion. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMason Jar Water Culture Cannabis Timelapse GrowBall Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit 2 Week Update6 Reasons New Gardeners FAIL – Don’t Become A StatisticHow to Save Seeds from Your Garden – Learn from Paul GautschiTimelapse Mason Jar Kratky Hydroponic GrowHow to Become a Certified Master Gardener


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  • Linda Barousse 1 month ago

    Thank you. I'm post menopausal and eating mostly carnivore. Hoping to keep bones strong.

  • Dimitris Panagiotakopoulos 1 month ago

    Paul you are my hero!

  • With reference to convincing someone to change a belief they have, medical, scientific or otherwise. I find it is impossible to convince someone of a radically differing opinion until they themselves are ready to listen, until they are at an impasse and are ready to looking for an answer. Most people want reconsideration not radicalisation.

  • elizabeth green 1 month ago

    Always good to listen to. Thanks Dr. Mason!

  • Eric Warmath 1 month ago

    One can never go wrong with a Paul Mason interview. There is always some gold to be mined from his stories. He is a doctor first and youtube legend second which means he has his priorities straight. He learns, evolves and then learns some more. He finds time to translate all the science geek stuff he loves into something my grandma could understand. The man enjoys his job. I wish there were a lot more "Paul Masons" spread around the medical world. He makes a difference. He saves lives.

  • Skolarius Kadare 1 month ago

    I've watched all of Paul Mason's videos on youtube I can get me hands on. What a brilliant physician.

  • Toni Lampard 1 month ago

    So grateful for your dedication to science over dogma.

  • Lana El 1 month ago

    Dr. Paul, I've been on a keto carnivore lifestyle for two years now. Recently checked my blood and found out that my leptin is very low at 1.7 ng/ml, which is low even for men. I am a 45 y.o. woman with 21% body fat. Is such a low leptin a warning sign? How can it be raised without carbs? Thank you!

  • Eric Warmath 1 month ago

    Paul Mason science superhero!

  • Kowa Zoé 1 month ago

    Excellent video like usual Mr Mason, thank you very much for the share, it's always a pleasure and very instructive to hear you.

  • Andrew Sheppard 1 month ago

    Work as a Health researcher and I have to say I have learned more from this man than from anyone else in my years of study. Paul is probably the most underrated metabolic health expert around and has a unique way of teaching. Thank you for all you do and hope to meet you someday. Andy.

  • lala123 1 month ago


  • Daphne Tay 1 month ago

    Hope can see more videos!

  • Mott Girl 1 month ago

    Wow. Thanks for all of this!!! And just so you know… haha.. yes my primary doctor… was horrified with my initial lipid results and even more horrified with my refusal to take statins. AND THEN! He did say.. it’s under the guidelines that I must at least prescribe it to you!

    I ran off. I contacted another dr who was lchf… and we met. And she was happy with my results.

  • Green Deane 1 month ago

    Stopped listening when the interview got filthy mouth. That is not adult. That is juvenile.

  • Ron Bareis 1 month ago

    Another great discussion. Really great to see you pick up on the broader health aspects. I can now just refer everyone to you. Thank you.

  • heiner lauter 1 month ago

    He knows his stuff and still learns, reads new studies, unlike 99% of other doctors.
    Greets from Munich, Bavaria.

  • Become your own Superhero Podcast 1 month ago

    Thankyou Dr Paul for being such a fantastic guest and for the huge amounts of work you behind and in front of scene!