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Luxurious Garden and Landscape Designs. Visit our website at or call 888.802.BLOOM today for additional information about how your home can be our next beautification project! The perfect blossom, on the most perfect day, in the best possible location, arranged and designed in the most brilliant form! Allow me to captivate the thousand words, behind the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, thru our award winning container garden designs at your home. By ways of innovative design techniques, master gardener trainings, with years of hands on botanical experiences our designs are sure to attract more than just gorgeous butterflies and magnificent birds! Our garden designs, landscape services and consultations are now available in these major cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, & Miami. Product knowledge has been key to our continued success along with faithful clients that have entrusted their home & garden needs to our team since 1998! Our Designs infrastructure are geared to undertake the simplest to the most demanding of projects thru both residential and commercial garden settings. Our mission is based on providing economical and methodological approach to each and every project we handle. Worldwide from local to national, businesses all have one thing in common… they’re passionate about their work and all make every attempt to beautify their outdoor and indoor surroundings to better service their customers and or clients needs/experiences. Contact us today to have our consumer business specialists evaluate your venue to see how “appeal” can set you apart from your competitors. Commercial, Home, or Office – our complete indoor/outdoor garden services, products, and designs are sure to get you what you need backed by our elite individualized customer support (*complete with professional indoor garden & floral design services and consultations) and the unsurpassed premium quality products we carry in […]

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