Added by on 2016-10-07 Bear Grylls endorsing the Juice Plus+ products as a satisfied customer since he was a teenager. Bridging the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat every day. More details and ordering can be done at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBear Grylls on Juice Plus CapsuleMy Juice Plus Review 2017Diet Review – Juice PlusJuice Plus Tower Garden Review Pt 1PLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewHOW TO USE JUICE PLUS BOOSTERS..LOSE WEIGHT…HAVE ENERGY..FEEL GREAT X

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  • Robert Hughes 1 year ago

    How can you say that about JP an household name speaking about it and how good the product is what rights do you have to call it crap..I have been taking it for the last 6 months and seen what a difference it's made..

  • sst tss 1 year ago

    shame on you!! Promoting this Juice plus crap?? Why?? How much money do you need? What a sad twat. You are an embarrassing f…

  • Laurett Ellsworth 1 year ago

    Well said Bear! You're a sincere guy, trusted by all.

  • dangel angello 1 year ago

    nice vid. thanks for the upload. where can I find the original?