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“Life blessed me with a precious second chance. Since then, I have been determined to live life boldly – to grab opportunities when they come.” Most of us know Bear Grylls as the television adventurer who is left stranded in some of the harshest and remotest places on earth and finds his way back to civilization. But he’s always been a real-life adventurer, too. Was Juice Plus+® in his backpack? “All the way,” he smiles. “Everest is all about surviving and running on limited reserves for many weeks at a time,” he explains. “Juice Plus+® was like liquid gold to me up there.” Juice Plus+ Complete is a great nutrition for looking after your body especially when you don’t have the time to consume the amount of good stuff that nutritionists recommend. People say about this tasty ‘shake’ that it is a breakthrough in nutrition which costs less than a cup of coffee/day. Your tasty drink for well-being exclusively containing vegetable protein from non-GMO soya, rice and chickpeas. The complete meal replacement tastes great too and is the best product of its kind on the market with regards to density of nutrition. Also it will help you lose fat and stay slim and healthy. Video Rating: / 5 Not a cure or a medicine but Juice Plus+ can help Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBear Grylls review of Juice PlusMI EXPERIENCIA JUICE PLUS. METODO DE CONTROL DE PESOJuice Plus Scam? | The Real Problem for a Juice Plus Distributor!Purple Juice Plus Vineyard Blend Capsules Science Emma BuckleyHow Juice Plus is Made? Juice PlusWhat is Juice Plus?

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  • Angela Patrick 11 months ago

    This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story! I have your share your video! Congrats on your road of health and welness.

  • Karleigh Turnbull 11 months ago

    i work for juice plus I'm on juice plus myself and so are my children they are on the chewable's which are the equivalent to the capsules, brilliant stuff. I'm on the boosters, contains green tea also :)

  • static 11 months ago

    yes i started with juice plus four weeks ago all three no wheat no dairy no sugars all out the window now not much red meat slowly getting rid of that as well my mostly raw food or steamed food .. I feel no pain in my body any more and mywieght is coming down… I loved your story and i am so grateful my fiend sent me your video and that you are well :-)

  • Eau Kangen 11 months ago

    Nice! How are you doing rigth now? Can you give us an update? Thanks…God Bless!

  • Erika Gimbel 11 months ago

    Thank you Dina for sharing. I will share this with my friend with MS who's been experimenting with the Wahl protocol. Your video and comments to folks are so helpful.

  • Beauty by Gail 11 months ago

    So pleased for you x

  • Kevin Erickson 11 months ago

    Beautiful!! Bravo, keep up the mission. Juice plus is foundational and will heal and repair your body from inside out.

  • Karyn Kinney 11 months ago

    THANK you for sharing your story!!! VERY ENCOURAGING! May God BLESS you CONTINUALLY.

  • W. A. Reid 11 months ago

    but how does vitamin a,c, e and folate cure anything – especially at the low percentage of daily values that juice plus offers?

    why not just take higher dosages of those 4 simple vitamins…if it is a cure? they are available at all stores and in much higher dosages.

    i just purchased welch's fruit snacks for my kid's lunches – other than folate…..they offer a HIGHER daily percentage of a, c and e.

    i think juice plus is a great candy substitute for kids – but it cures nothing – simply read the label and look at whats in it…vitamins a,c,e and folate….and not even 100% of an acceptable daily value.

    please….dont drink the kool-aid…..if you are sick and want to feel better and get your body what it needs….then eat juice plus – or eat welch's fruit snacks – BUT DO NOT BE LAZY – eat fruits and vegetables – organic if you must – please do buy a bullet or one of those little blenders and blend a handful of real fruit with real vitamins in them – every day i find the time to drop a handful of blueberries, 4 or 5 strawberries, a couple of chunks of bananas with a spoonful of cream cheese or cottage cheese and 3 or 4 cubes of ice – blend it – and its fabulous – its real food – it tastes great and also has fiber in it….which is really important. if i really want to dress it up i drop in one granola bar – it tastes like some sort of freaking berry cobbler smoothie.

    supplements are fine – but there is no substitute to real food – and i dont care what planet youre from or what type of education you have – try thinking instead of hoping or wishing – if vitamins a,c,e and folate cured anything…..we would all just take that and eat flipping taco bell and mc donalds all day…..and knock back a couple of juice plus gummies to make up for it – right? but you cant….because this is misleading information. eat healthy. and if you want a healthy piece of candy…then eat juice plus if youre rich or eat a welchs fruit snack (the ones with yogurt also offer vitamin d) …i bought 2 boxes for $5 at Kroger today.

    the reason juice plus is sold through a pyramid scheme is because if they were sitting on the shelf next to other gummie suplements….they would have to be priced in line with them….$3-$18…..but at $40 and up…LOL…well, like they say, theres a sucker born every minute.

  • Beth Leipold 11 months ago

    Thank you for your story…

  • George Kafantaris 11 months ago


  • SoulSolaris 11 months ago

    I had someone introduce me to juice plus. I had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and i also have MS. I truly believe this will help me and your story got me even more excited.. i was looking for a story of someone talking about juice plus putting their MS symptoms into remission and here is your story!

  • Carol Mc Carthy 11 months ago

    omg I'm so glad I saw ur video .. can I share your video on my facebook page please

  • Ivan Alvarez 11 months ago

    The only medication I take is tecfidera

  • Ivan Alvarez 11 months ago

    Well , I suffer from multiple sclerosis and I was diagnosed in 2013 . I fainted while I was testing

  • Debby Syres 11 months ago

    Are you taking 2 capsules of each blend or double or triple?

  • Jennifer Stevenson 11 months ago

    I just found out I have MS at the beginning of this month, I haven't been taking juice plus religiously but I think I'll fit it more in to my every day life style. Thank you for the explanation and for the inspiration! It makes so much sense and I'm very glad to hear it worked for you!

  • Aj Abhishek 11 months ago

    got ur link lol , seen ur facebook :))

  • Aj Abhishek 11 months ago

    i am starting on Juiceplus tablets next week , cant wait , i am so happy for you that u have healed , God bless , r u on facebook ,, anyway , Very glad to hear ur better x

  • vapp12 11 months ago

    Hi Dina, I have ms and always looking for a natural way to heal myself. How can I get in touch with you to discuss what you are taking from juice plus to help with your ms? Thank you, Sigi