Mandy Morrison on BBC Breakfast Sunday 28th July 2013 on RHS Campaign for school gardening and education during Tatton Park Flower Show
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John from goes on a field trip to M.E. Cunningham Elementary School in Austin, Texas to share with you a organic community farm that is on the school property that not only teaches kids about real food as well as other curriculum in the garden.

In this episode, John will give you a tour of the P.E.A.S. organic community farm and share with you some of the easiest edible plants you can grow in Austin, Texas with little upkeep.

You will also discover several ways to eat more of your kale as well as how you can make pasta noodles out of zucchini.

Next, you will learn how one of the teachers is teaching kids about pico de gallo and growing the plants so they can make their own.

Besides growing food, you will learn about two more sustainable practices that the the PEAS farm has also integrated to teach the kids about resiliency.

Finally, John will interview Lauren Maples, one of the founders and Executive Director of the PEAS Farm and learn why it is important to educate kids about where food comes from. You will also discover some hints and tips on how you can get your school growing a garden for the kids and community.

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BBC Breakfast 28.7.13 Mandy School Gardening

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  • James Hayley

    I felt that the presenter was very rude in the way he rapped that one up. The RHS has worked tirelsy for over 10 years on this Campaign and she highlighted all the reasons gardening was so beneficial in teaching core academic subjects such as science, history and mathmatics and then the presenter just doesnt respond and makes out the child and himself don't do allot of gardening as if its something to be looked down on! Kids love to learn outside rather than being trapped indoors, they should be on their feet all day as this is essential for their physical and mental development period….

  • Tricia Ervin

    This video is terrible! He just talks and talks all the way through it and doesn't really talk about the school and how they grow the veggies!!

  • whiteroomfd

    This is so cool, it's certainly a positive step towards cultivating a higher awareness in our culture and creating a healthier future! A variation of this model that would be great to see is a situation where schools are producing as much food as possible onsite or locally for the children's lunches. If the scale of production was large enough, the school could even possibly sell produce at the local farmers market to raise funding for school maintenance, improvements, etc.

    Thanks for this episode John, your show is awesome!

  • OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY

    we were plowing a 10,000 sq ft garden with a team of draft horses and this is the first year we are doing raised beds
    Aging in place is a big reason why, we need to have systems in place as we reach 100 =)

  • *WildcraftWellness

    This is fabulous! Here in washington, I am currently involved in a non profit that brings organic gardening into the school ciriculum. We create gardens and hoop houses to help feed the community and raise awareness of the value of organic gardening. I would love to show you what we do if you are interested in traveling to the pacific northwest. I also homeschool my own kids where we have created a urban homestead on a third of an acre . Thank you so much for living your dream and helping to shift the paradigm to sustainability ! Your so appreciated

  • leese 44

    John kholer your Awesome…The work that you do in providing educational videos I can't thank you enough…God bless you:')

  • Helen Grace Rionda

    Mr. Kohler, what is the best book you can recommend regarding gardening in growing your own food… Im currently living in Saudi Arabia… Starting to have interest in gardening and importance in growing your own food… thank you…

  • Kevin Miller

    Love your channel, love the school program in this episode. Anti-oxidants are a good thing, no question. But low anti-oxidant foods do not promote ageing and disease. Please be careful with the claims you make.

  • Leo Regulus

    Texas and all states, STOP voting for or supporting millions of dollars going into building nonsensical stadiums for football and other sports when those millions of dollars can go to building on site school/community ORGANIC gardens so the children can eat that food at school and NOT HAVE TO PAY for school lunch, and also learn where food comes from.   What kind of society are we perpetuating that puts millions of dollars into a football stadium instead of into healthy organic food for our children??

  • Linda Leal

    one of your best videos.  I wasn't aware of this project in Austin.  Great to think that kids can be taught many important subjects in the public school system.  Too often, we hear of the failures of high school public education in our Texas education system.

  • Of Plants & Creatures

    How lovely to see a school leading by example, encouraging children to immerse themselves in the natural world, water, herbs, vegetables, creatures and compost. It is heartening to see edible gardens promoted as a focal point for communities.  Thank you!

  • De Biotuin

    You are an inspiration. Not only specifically this exact video, but your whole channel is for me just a joy to watch and inspiring. Greetings from Holland

  • gracie gordon

    Do you have a video on growing Rosemary? I have tried from store transplants a couple of times and it always seems to die. I don't know if I'm overwatering and have no clue what I'm doing. :P

  • G Vas

    Thanks John. Love these projects. I do not have any children but will love to help out a school with their community garden. i'll have to look into that.

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