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  • J

    I'm thinking about the system clogging up at the bends in the small pipes.  Forgive me if the question is uninformed, but I'm wondering if a person would be able to first run the water from a pump (in the tank) to a bed with media in it to filter the solids out before  running it to other plants in this pipe system?  This would also eliminate problems of having the solids cover the roots and suffocating them (I would think).  I like the hydro system though.  It's a good way to grow plants. Have fun! (:

  • Cesar Caoili

    I like your video, beautiful,. but how about using solar energy as resources to generate electricity substitute from electric power,. I think this will save you more money,. isn't it,.???

  • HouseOdyssey

    you should go back to using the aquaponics and change your lines. use the same pipeline that they use in biodiesel.

  • Rotorzilla

    very cool, I like your setup, I going to be setting up one kinda like your in a couple weeks. Do you have to add extra iron to keep them green?

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