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I replaced my 3 inch PVC vertical hydroponic setup with this new 1.5 inch design which is easier to maintain, uses less water and energy, and practically doubles my marketable production. This version produces 133 heads of lettuce or comparable 8.5 inch green vegetable and contains an additional 18 sites for larger plants such as herbs and kale. I currently harvest 22 quality plants weekly. I raised my system to 15 inches to allow for more nutrient storage, which is currently approximately 45 gallons. I engineered and built my own lighting system to accommodate the height of my towers. I used 6 inch vent pipe and LED light bulbs with a 20% reduced lumen output and 30% increase in energy savings per fixture over my previous 4 bulb T5 fixtures. With the lightbulb rebates my cost for each fixture was under , vs. 5 for the T5 fixtures with bulbs. I hung my lights vertically to access my plants easily. I am continuing to run my lighting during off peak hours via timers to save energy and money, and my this system is partially powered with renewable energy via the 9.1kw PV solar system we had installed for our home. Nine week system update here: Related PostsBasement Hydroponic Tower Garden Version 2.0 9 Week UpdateJoe Neumayer Basement Hydroponic Tower GardenBasement Hydroponic Tower Garden 3 month updatePart 8 – LED Grow Lights – Basement Hydroponic LED Garden TourPart 1 – Overview – Basement Hydroponic LED Garden TourPart 2 – Propagation Table – Basement Hydroponic LED Garden Tour

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  • Perspective Énergétique 1 year ago

    I have no idear what I should buy to divide the pumped water in all tube, could you give me a link to show me which material is it ? Also, how much liter / hour pump your pump?
    Does it work 24h/24?

  • Brad Harris 1 year ago

    Bro, this is great! I'm going to get started on mine right now.

  • Perspective Énergétique 1 year ago

    Do you think I can make this system for strawberry ?

  • Perspective Énergétique 1 year ago

    Sorry, you probably told it but I am french and it's complicated to understand talked english. What is size of tubes ?

  • Perspective Énergétique 1 year ago

    Oh my got, perfect system.

  • Ji Di 1 year ago

    i want to buy rockwool but there's no supplier here in philippines.

  • Steve Rosenthal 1 year ago

    Maybe I missed it but what are u using for grow media?

  • jaguiler73 1 year ago

    Hi Joe, quick question here. Do you find that the lettuce roots clog up the 1.5" pipes ? I assume the roots grow downwards. Also – how are you insuring that the plug does not fall into the 1.5" vertical ? Thanks in advance, and very neatly done system. John

  • kamaka71 1 year ago

    Great set-up! You have inspired me to build something like this. You mention in the description "1.5 inch design" does this mean you used 1-1/2 inch PVC for tees and wyes? I would assume so but just wanted to clarify. Thanks for a great video!!

  • Shriram Mullick 1 year ago

    Excellent video and so well explained.
    thank you . I will watch a couple of times and will ask

  • Cannabis Grow Life 1 year ago

    You have a air-stone running in your tank?

  • chicchick13 1 year ago

    this is so inspirational and informative. great work!

  • Triton Ave 1 year ago

    can u tell me the exact nutrients and measurements u use ?

  • Ciko Light Abigail 1 year ago

    hi maryland do u have tutorial step by step when u make build this vertical hidroponic….it's video not enough detail …

  • Ryan Martin 1 year ago

    Did you consider using 24 or 56 watt 3 band grow light bulbs? I have read each bulb has about 4 ft coverage which might allow you to do away with so many bulbs and the defector. I have a kratky setup growing lettuce in my house upstairs but I am considering this route if I can make it safe enough not to leak. I guess I would just have to glue everything to make sure. I think an enhancement to this setup would be to separate the sections and do different nutrient ratios so you could grow different crops or compare crop sizes with the same light source.

  • Cody Kiroff 1 year ago

    So you aren't using a net pot to hold your plug? They just rest at the corner of the wye? Have you had any problems with roots getting too big?

  • Wahidah Samsudin 1 year ago

    hello there. i love your design and i would like to try it. is there any way i can get your design? thank you in advance ^_^

  • Frédéric Moisan Wilson 1 year ago

    Duuuuude. Sick Job. Thanks for sharing ! its looks glorious

  • Pedro David Gamboa García 1 year ago

    hi! a beginner question :v How do you make the irrigation inside each tower? I mean do you have an aspersion valve ir something or it's a regular flow from the tiny hose of each tower? Thanks forma sharing guys you are amazing!