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  • Alonso Rodriguez 1 year ago

    very impressive, can you share more information about your nutrients mix, ph and temperature?

  • gentie71 1 year ago

    Hello ,
    congratulations for your video and your creation.
    I would like to ask one thing of you. When time Water the plants every day?
    Can you explain to me how you put the irrigation system?
    I thank you in advance

  • Trishia U 1 year ago

    you need to clean the whole system every three months or so to remove salt build up, also change the reservoir water/nutrient every two months as well and put new water nutrient on it.

  • brian53022 1 year ago

    Toll! Servus aus Wisconsin

  • nery colon 1 1 year ago

    Your plants look great. I saw the older video and they have grown beautifully. Loved and Subbed

  • Jeff Krueger 1 year ago

    Thanks for the great videos. Have you had any problems with the plant roots clogging the pipes? I tried different designs in the past, but I always had problems with roots clogging the pipes. Thanks again again for the great videos.

  • CW R 1 year ago

    Would 150 watt flood lights with 1600 lumens work? Also, what size and type pump did u use ?

  • zpoedog 1 year ago

    Nice! Wish I had the room to build a setup like yours.


  • Petra Barbur 1 year ago

    this is true art.

  • Aman Yatim 1 year ago

    this is glorious!

  • Engi Coding 1 year ago

    Try Jericho romaine lettuce. I always grow this type of lettuce and I have never had tip burns. I don't think you have never mentioned your PH or PPM in any of your videos. I always keep my PH near 6.0 and the PPM between 500 and 550. Thanks for the update.

  • AmyJoD2 ! 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing. With your current vertical setup are you finding certain spots grow better then others? Working o my setup which presently is all horizontal, this is interesting and I like trying different techniques

  • TheMaltodexter 1 year ago

    impressive diy setup. thank you for sharing. For humidity, maybe a dehumidifier would be worth considering? The fact that you have gotten the kale so nice is really valuable. All the best!

  • Solexx X 1 year ago

    Great system. I have basically copied your towers and am almost ready to transplant my first 60 seedlings into the towers. Thanks for your insight. I'm using 4 mars hydro LED grow lights on a vertical rack in front of the grow towers. Their footprint is 2X4' so the 4X8 footprint should give my plants enough light. I also took your advice and am tilting the towers 1" forward in a rack to ensure that the nutrients run down across the 2" net pots. Thanks again for sharing this.