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Visit #BAREUSA on social media BARE USA is a nation wide photography project that contrast natural beauty with man-made decay. This contrast is achieved by photographing nude models in abandoned locations. Lets face it, Chicago is pretty awesome, throw in in some great abandoned locations to explore and it’s even more so. That;s why BARE USA was excited to engage in so Urban Exploration in Chicago IL. Join me in my UrbEx adventure as explore the ACME Coke Plant and the Damen Silos. See the final results of the photo shoot @ Skip to the parts YOU want to see by clicking on the time below 0:10 ACME Coke Plant 6:19 Damen Silos 9:18 Conclusion If you like this video please don’t forget to share it, give it a thumbs up, comment below and subscribe to my channel! Thank you for your support! Related PostsThe Plant: Industrial-Scale Urban Agriculture in ChicagoIn Search of the Future of Urban Agriculture: Plant ChicagoJimmy Page & Robert Plant – Chicago 1995John Edel of The Plant at Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago Annual MeetingThe Plant Chicago TilapiaJimmy Page & Robert Plant Live in Chicago

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  • clarko95 3 weeks ago

    I drive past this all the time. Is there security? Can you just go in the front gate?

  • Prove It Paranormal Research 3 weeks ago

    Love your channel

  • Liam Kenney 3 weeks ago

    Coke Plant address: 11236 S Torrence ave Chicago, IL 60617

  • CAN Control 3 weeks ago

    You banged conners mum??!

  • Broken Window Theory 3 weeks ago

    Awesome! Would love to go there by myself now.

  • Michel Quiles 3 weeks ago

    What's the location of ACME???

  • Cyn S 3 weeks ago

    My father worked at Acme for over 35 years when it was still in its prime. Planning to check out what remains in a couple weeks

  • BlackCavalier52 3 weeks ago

    after years of driving past ACME, I finally decided to go for a hike. neat place and I love the way you've documented it here. keep up the good work!

  • TechnoRaiden 3 weeks ago

    cani please get the location? am a new urbex in the chicago area and would love to visit this place, email or comment is welcome, thank you so much

  • URBEX - Abandoned Secrets 3 weeks ago

    Subscribed! I have also been there. Were you not afraid of the asbestos used over the years in the plant?

  • gwizz6 3 weeks ago

    What's the name of the first song? Great vid btw!