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How to easily build arched trellis using cattle panels and T posts. Related PostsHow to Make A Watermelon Garden Arch Trellis from a Cattle PanelBuild a Cattle Panel Garden TrellisCattle Panel Trellis For My Spaghetti SquashHydroponic Tomatoes and the Hay Bale Garden, Update 04/27/16Vertical Garden DIY PanelPlanting Green Beans: Trellis Garden

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  • TheEmeraldfox777 3 weeks ago

    Did this year's ago..i learned the black zip ties last a lot longer

  • Natalie Voxer 3 weeks ago

    I just came upon your channel today and your videos have given me a wonderful idea (thank you for that!) as I am currently planning my garden layout. I hope to have vegetables growing all year long. Anyway, you mentioned putting plastic sheets over the cattle panel to make it a greenhouse for the winter. Will you please make a video of that? Thank you in advance!

  • M Lyle 3 weeks ago

    if putting plastic over for winter, how would you secure it? love your videos, thank you!

  • ronea f 3 weeks ago

    Did you post any video mid season of the trellis? interested in how well this worked out.

  • Missy Rabbit 3 weeks ago

    how do you keep fire ants out of your bales?

  • New subscriber, I love your channel. Your videos are very inspirational and very informative. I'm also growing in straw bales this summer in the U.K. I going so well. I'll never back to growing in the ground plus l've more from you. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

  • Seshukumar Baisetti 3 weeks ago


  • mskaykrafts 3 weeks ago

    Your garden is awesome! Do you mind telling me the distance inside the archway between the poles? It looks like the walkway inside the arch is about 6ft wide… that correct? Our hay bales are just now cooling down, so I hope to be able to plant soon. Thanks for your help and we really enjoy your videos.

  • Jim Sandlin 3 weeks ago

    I have just discovered your videos and I think they are excellent. This is my second year with strawbale gardening and I'll never go back to any other. Good luck.

  • Jim Sandlin 3 weeks ago

    What are the 6 black objects in the rear of your video? Look like round planters. Are they described on another video? I have something similar in my strawbale garden.