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Did you know that you can have a full garden on your balcony? I only recently learnt about the Balcony & Urban Gardening Group in the UAE from whom I learnt … Video Rating: 5 / 5 Rachel and Tom show us their 0.28 acre backyard urban farm. Their project A Year Without Groceries started as an experiment and has become a lifestyle. They … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsBerlin isst grün – Urban Gardening im Trend | Hin & wegHydroponics in apartment balcony | Vertical Gardening at home using PVC pipe| NFT systemTower Garden In Balcony By Ravi Chandra | Balcony Gardening | hmtv AgriSustainable Urban Gardening & Education Workshop – PART 1Urban Gardening CourseJaiKisan AP | 30th Sep '17 | Roof gardening attracting urban people

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  • Yusuf Germino 5 years ago

    wow…it seems you have overcome a lot of challenges there especially the
    heat… glad to see more and more people doing balcony gardening… you can
    also try aquaponics…. so you can have fish and vegetables at the same
    time…. can’t wait to see more videos from other members doing the same…
    from your friends at aquaponics in saudi arabia, jeddah gardeners club in
    facebook…. ?

  • Julie Fortin 5 years ago

    If you love the idea to grow your own food at home, I’m pretty sure you
    will fall in love with that project. We truly believe that everyone can
    grow their own food 365 days/year (yes even in winter) and live healthy!

    Take a look, and if you love it like I think you will, spread the words!

    Will you be a part of this great change??

  • Dima Al Sharif 5 years ago
  • Laura P 5 years ago


  • Bob Givens 5 years ago

    Video does not show please fix?