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For more inspiration, visit Balcony gardening may not be ideal, but it’s more than possible. If you’re stuck trying to make do with small space gardening, indoor gardening, or window gardening, today’s episode of Crazy Gardening Questions is for you. A small garden can be used to grow high-value crops – and you can vertical garden for even more yields. Here are some ideas from David the Good. Related Posts4 Pocket Vertical Garden Planter By Invigorated Living Review, Indoor and Balcony Gardening Made EasBeginner Balcony Food Gardening: Beans, Peppers, Scallions, Melons, More …Vertical Aeroponic Gardening – Grow food on your apartment balcony | Thorben Linneberg | FutureMESingle Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System – Easy DIY – Patio – Balcony – Winter Gardeningbalcony gardening with kids: gardening activityWorm Castings for Indoor gardening?




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  • sirjimmy71 1 year ago

    I live in the New Orleans area in an apartment with a WSW-facing balcony with roughly a 4'x4' area of usable container garden space. I took 5-gallon buckets from used drywall mud buckets and some that I bought from Lowe's and made wicking buckets. I grow peppers, Swiss chard, and tomatoes. The tomatoes didn't do so well, but I have loads of peppers and plenty of chard for greens on my sandwiches. For growing indoors in low light, I would also recommend seed sprouts of various types. I've done lentils, and I've heard broccoli sprouts are really good for you.?

  • Elizabeth Grubb 1 year ago

    You can place mirrors around the plants to reflect and increase the sunlight they receive.?

  • tazydevil93 1 year ago

    apples wont work inside with no open window they get powderymildew, bananas do work inside but they drip water like a leaking tap lol im renting atm and ive kind of effd the wooden floor im a bit worried :p you can even see the holes and the shapes of the bottom of the pots lol ill have to google how to fix it?

  • tazydevil93 1 year ago

    hahaha this video will make alot of peoples day in the uk ;p?