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Bad News For Barack After What Malia’s Caught Doing In Chicago – No Hiding Her NASTY Secret Now Barack Obama’s eldest daughter is in the midst of a “gap year” from her her ivy league college she was accepted into, but not interested in attending right away. It turns out that there might be a reason for that, which she and her parents have been trying to hide for months. Unfortunately, the secret is out now thanks to what some paparazzi caught her out doing. This could end badly for Barack and Michelle Obama who have been selling a different story about their allegedly demure daughter. While Malia Obama is enjoying the time off from adult responsibilities which is only supposed to last a year, she’s seemingly still wanting the benefits of acting like one. Being a legal adult and acting like you’re above the law can result in big consequences when you’re not under mommy and daddy’s roof anymore. Malia has been raised with privilege and entitlement and now that she’s not a “kid” anymore, she’s opened herself up to public scrutiny with her adult antics — despite what rules liberals claim about “kids” being off limits, so long as they aren’t President Trump’s grandkids. Her affinity for concerts, twerking, and taking advantages of all the “extras” that can come with it to make for a better party, has been seen over the last couple of years. Specifically, when she was accused of smoking pot at the Lollapalooza music festival a year ago. Now she’s back on this same scene and things are looking a lot worse for her with what she seems to be caught in the act of. Entertainment reporters at TMZ were covering Lollapalooza this year when they saw first hand how out of control Malia […]

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  • Lou Gracia 9 months ago

    She needs help.Better get it now before its too late.

  • Richard C 9 months ago

    Obummers little pigs

  • Renee M. 9 months ago

    Hey! Have a little respect for our Bisexual X-Traitor in Chief and his Tranny "wife". Bet HERS is bigger than HIS!

  • Buffalo Beano 9 months ago

    Skank Hussein Malia

  • stormy613 9 months ago

    Those girls had to live with a queer & a trannie , no telling what they went through in 8 yrs. It has been proven that obummer is involved in PedoGate. We also know that the girls are borrowed,rented or whatever Rev. Wright arranged , just as he arranged for hussein & michaell to be together for husseni's career.

  • mac1mckenzie 9 months ago

    Is she the Miley Cyrus if the political set?

  • Gitcha Yng 9 months ago

    am. i missing sumthin y yall keep saying thats not his daughter

  • Zyklon B 9 months ago

    Barrys daughters are whores!

  • Big Tom 9 months ago

    Malia does stupid things, daddy does stupid things, daddy gets off, Malia gets off, Fuck the obamas, Fuck barry Sorto from kena

  • chuck jackson 9 months ago

    Bet we never see Baron doing things like this. Raised with some morals and ethics. But hey, Kids will be kids, or Brats in this case! Be proud of your seed Mr. O. you taught them Soooo well.

  • mr1uponu 9 months ago

    o no, she's become a drug and alcohol user! The pressures of living a lie and having a man she for a mom and a commie red dad who destroyed this country.according to screw You magazine, they are the most hatted people in America.

  • Kristina Starkie 9 months ago


  • Lewis Graham 9 months ago

    Malia Neill is seriously disturbed bless her!

  • Nola Hamilton 9 months ago

    There Muslim who cares they all need to face there crimes on us all.

  • Kenneth Archer 9 months ago

    That is normal behavior. She wants to get back to the elite 'hood and be free for a while. As long as she doesn't get a disease, pregnant or dead, she is living.

  • word on the street is she sucked all of the Cubs dicks and was cum drunk !!

  • k hill 9 months ago

    Who cares? We are 20 trillion in debt. Let the family handle it.

  • Mirquella Santos 9 months ago

    White Evangelicals excuses to excuse Melania naked pus

    1. Naked puss is art
    2. Immoral Michelle went sleeveless
    3. Naked puss is ok but sleeveless is a sin
    4. Malia is immoral cause she is not showing her naked puss like Melania
    5. At least her naked puss is white
    6. Her naked puss will save all white Evangelicals
    7. Obama forced her to spread her naked puss
    8. Naked-puss an inspiration to all white Evangelicals
    9. Lesbian is bad but not when Melania does it

  • William Critchley 9 months ago

    It's good thing she's not really their Kid, Ha. Because, Barry and Michael can't have kids. You need a women in the mix for that! Right? When Mikey, drops a fetus out an orifice. Let us know! Because that will be real news!

  • Why would Barack and Michael care? That's not their kids.