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John from visits Aquaponics No Ka ‘Oi an urban aquaponics farm on 1/10th of an acre that produces 3000 heads of organic lettuce a month to sell to Whole Foods Market. In this episode, you will learn how productive Aquaponics can be in a standard suburban tract home backyard! You will discover the basics of how an aquaponics system works as well as how this family farmer built a DIY aquaponics system to create a small fortune growing vegetables as well as fish. You will also learn some of the tips and tricks this certified organic aquaponic grower has been using over the last several years since he put together his DIY aquaponics system to improve his harvests, reduce his labor and minimize his inputs to grow some of the best butter lettuce on Maui in the state of Hawaii. Finally you will learn why the farmer decided to grow aquaponically as well as John’s hints and tips on how to really boost plant health, production and taste of the crops that are being grown under ANY aquaponics or soil based farming system. Learn more about Aquponics No Ka ‘Oi Maui at: Check out their YouTube Channel at: How to Build a solar powered IBC tote Aquaponics System CHEAP and EASY. BLOG: Facebook: Related PostsRobot Farm to Harvest 30,000 Heads of Lettuce DailyThe World’s Largest Indoor Farm Produces 10,000 Heads of Lettuce a Day in JapanUrban Gardening with City Beet Farm on Shaw TVBackyard aquaponics as self-sustained farm in (sub)urban LAMelons, Fruit Trees & Aquaponics – Backyard Farm & Aquaponic UpdateThe Green Wall Vertical Farm – How to Grow an Urban Food Garden – Kenya Sustainable Agriculture

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  • lancsFrogger 2 weeks ago

    dude, pls make ur videos shorter. you have lots of interesting subjects but i never watch any of them cos they're always so long

  • David Stojadinovic 2 weeks ago

    I've been studying home aquaponics and discovered an awesome website at Keiths Ponics Site (check it out on google)

  • Joe Baladez 2 weeks ago

    Dear John. When I started watching your vids, I have to admit, I thought you were a cracked-pot! lol However, Sir you are awesome! Love your vids. Glad you stay true to yourself and so honest. keep'em coming. Thank you!!!

  • ron guidry 2 weeks ago

    you talk too fuckin much!

  • Doodley Squat 2 weeks ago

    It's like passive aggressive reporting. Just give people the dirt, on dirt farming, and leave out the inferior method, if so pro-ground growing.

  • Angel L. Martinez 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for your videos.

  • ABBA K 2 weeks ago

    repeated explanation reduces the interest in this video. good video minus lot of blah blah

  • sushruth rao 2 weeks ago

    @30:30 can anyone spell the creatures name?

  • PayWithLawv 2 weeks ago

    great job, thank you for the info! keep it up.

  • Nonu TuiSamoa 2 weeks ago

    You talk too much…I'm getting bored. Do show and tell/talk..getting annoying.

  • Adrian Ramos 2 weeks ago

    when im listening to this i feel like im in the market that is so noisy, i can't understand everything, to much explanation that is not necessarily, just be simple and tell us only the key point, we are not that dumb man…

  • Jacob Wellington 2 weeks ago

    Little less philosophy, little more video of the aquaponics

    50 minutes of babbling, 5 minutes of knowledge. Do better.

  • Hassan Tara 2 weeks ago

    very good

  • Johnny Lopez 2 weeks ago

    I sure had a great time learning from this guy. Free lessons and great documentaries he does. I am very happy that i did not have to pay hundreds $$$$ in University/college trying to learn these techniques.

  • Antonio Lumdang 2 weeks ago

    here in the philippines anyone can help me to start a aquaponics

  • AnantaSesaDas 2 weeks ago

    Ingenuity ingenuitive. (19:33) no prob. We understand.
    No40 electric conduit lasts longer in uv. So paint or cover PVC if you use that or it will degrade.

  • Harry Kuykendall 2 weeks ago

    What was the name on the little crustations in the bio filter on the sponges? Would snails be helpful in this setup?

  • Bill Seward 2 weeks ago

    how many gallons are the beds and what size pumps are they using

  • mikeygreenman 2 weeks ago

    Great info !! thanks. Voice work would be good. . Unfortunately your voice is very monotonous and it gets very hard to listen to it much after a few minutes if less. If you learn some "coloring " and stop trying to do the radio announcer voice It will benefit your videos greatly !! Also you say wayyy too much and it becomes over whelming. Whats between the words is just as important to how much you want to hear your own voice. just some friendly advice from another perspective.

  • Vadym Radkov 2 weeks ago

    I heard about woodprix instructions good opinions.

  • Walter Moll 2 weeks ago


  • John Elliott 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if going fully DC would be beneficial. You can get DC pumps from boat supplies, bilge pumps and such. Times can be DC as well as is micro electronics like pic logic controllers if you were to automate the system. The money you save on not having to buy inverter could be better invested in bigger battery network.

  • nirvik singh 2 weeks ago

    ow much does it cost for solar panels?and what is the power of that solar panel?

  • Dawn Booth 2 weeks ago

    I am so happy that i found this video. Thanks a lot for this.

  • Niru Shah 2 weeks ago

    Very nice and helpful video blog…

  • adroc00 2 weeks ago

    Have you had problems with not filtering the water? Building up of ammonia from rotting left over solids?

  • Bush Ninja 2 weeks ago

    How much wattage can you get off fresnel lenses and steam power?

  • John Arizona 2 weeks ago

    Geakin frenius!

  • 310Ren 2 weeks ago

    GOOD STUFF!!!!

  • Bill Terry 2 weeks ago

    Just saw your video I learned a lot can't wait to by my own place where I can start doing this where is a good source to find the square barrles if you know thanks

  • SpedtchrAz 2 weeks ago

    He's playing with the goat kid in the way that goat kids naturally play.

  • Jamie Holland 2 weeks ago

    Aquaponics just keep getting better! Solar power is the best!

  • rutheladynred 2 weeks ago

    what kind of fish are they & what do you feed them?

  • Eric Chan 2 weeks ago

    Hi awesome. May I know where did you buy the complete solar part of the system.


  • collegesynewave 2 weeks ago

    Makes a lot of sense,the excess power could also be used by extractor fans connected to a thermostat to create the desired requirements needed for control of air temperature of say a greenhouse or poly tunnel, this power could also used to regulate the water temperature for the fish.

  • trevronwithtechron 2 weeks ago

    Try 12v pumps. they're more expensive but it would be about the same price without the inverter.

  • David Hutchinson 2 weeks ago

    Best method I have seen…gives you everything…sustainable, portable, and cheap and easy.

  • Jackthelong 2 weeks ago

    Knowlege is the power!

  • william quam 1 week ago

    you should make some plans to build the ibc tote fish tank and garden for extra profits some thing to think about!!!!!!!