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Quick tour of my aquaponics and the exotic trees growing in the aquaponics system such as: Sugar Cane, Dragon Fruit and Coconuts to name a few. Related PostsMelons, Fruit Trees & Aquaponics – Backyard Farm & Aquaponic UpdatePrescribed fire in switch cane (Arundinaria tecta)Deeper & Sweeter -SUGAR BROWN — Roof Music–Backyard Garden Tour – AMAZING | Dragon Fruit – Pitaya, part 3Aquaponic Garden TowerUsing GrowGrips In Your Aquaponic or Hydroponic System

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  • Steve Banks 6 months ago

    You are a genius when it comes to plants. I really like that you try new things and experiment in your greenhouse. I am in the process of building my greenhouse at this time. I can’t hardly wait to see my new healthy plants growing and producing food.

  • Sukha Singh Sukha Singh 6 months ago

    aquaponic systems in needed any fortilizer

  • Reksmey Ok 6 months ago

    Thank you, but what nutrients you added into your aquaponic system?

  • chamroeun lim 6 months ago

    U r awesome, very inspiring,thanks

  • Hello have a good day 6 months ago

    Everything too cramped no room for them to grow

  • Y Liberal 6 months ago

    Very impressive greenhouse!!!

  • Mike Fredrick 6 months ago

    an update on the sugar cane please?

  • Jashevi Tubs 6 months ago

    Can't believe you're in Canada. Some of your ideas are crazy

  • Bnice61011 6 months ago

    Wow my Brother. II didn't think I'd be interested in aquaponics but you def. made it interesting. I love all the tropical fruit made me think of home. 🙂

  • Jeremy Adams 6 months ago

    Beautiful greenhouse and aquaponics setup were going to do aquaponics this year. How big is your greenhouse we have 1,000 sq ft that were starting to plan.

  • toysoja 420 6 months ago

    worst thing I ever did was put sugar cane in my aquaponic syestem

  • DoctorMeetsFish 6 months ago

    Wow that is impressive. I have never seen anyone do so many large plants and fruit trees in an aquaponic system, and in a cold climate area. Great video and well done. Subscribed.

  • Richard PlaysALot 6 months ago

    that was the scream of those earthworms? xD

  • Fong Lee 6 months ago


    How did you get your green house? Did you build it?

  • Nature's Finest 6 months ago

    How do you keep it warm during the winter?

  • VonnCrit 6 months ago

    I'm just thinking, how are the blossoms pollinated with no flying insects around? How are all those trees fruiting? Are they all both male & female?
    Please excuse my question, I'm no expert at plants. Yet, I was led to believe pollination is needed for fruiting and that only happens via insects like bees, moths & butterflies

  • What's Growin' On 6 months ago

    Love it! Looks great.

  • MrChipGardener 6 months ago

    Looks great man! Would LOVE to see that in person sometime. I'm in the GTA and grow tropical fruits too.

  • JT Bear 6 months ago

    Wow, your greenhouse is looking great!

  • dsstroyer 6 months ago

    Are the trees planted in ground?