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Vocabulary and listening practice video. Remember to turn on the subtitles! In this video I cover some everyday vocabulary that you don’t necessarily learn in the classroom. At the same time you can practise your listening skills and see what a typical Australian backyard looks like. Vocabulary: backyard (0.14) garden (0.25) (covered) patio (1:19) fence (2:01) vines (2:07) wind chimes (2:13) plants (2:28) palm tree (2:34) water feature (3:09) lamp (3:16) statue (3:24) hot water heater (3:47) (garden) shed (3:55) path (4:09) clothesline (4:14) Hills Hoist (4:45) (garden) hose (5:12) For more English lessons, visit my channel, English with Max. All of the videos are free. These include free English vocabulary videos, English grammar videos, English pronunciation videos, English tips, and various other English lessons. This channel aims at helping people learn and improve their English – whether they have been learning English for a while or have recently started. You can also follow me here: Facebook: Twitter: Tweets by EnglishWithMax Instagram: More videos to learn english listening for beginners (Các bài nghe dành cho trình độ bắt đầu) : Videos to learn english listening level elementary: (Các bài nghe dành cho trình độ sơ cấp) Videos to learn english listening level pre-intermediate: (Các bài nghe dành cho trình độ sơ trung cấp) Videos to learn english listening level intermediate: (Các bài nghe dành cho trình độ trung cấp) Videos to learn english speaking: Các bài luyện nói Exercises for beginners Bài tập cho trình độ beginner Exercises for elementary learners: Bài tập cho trình độ sơ cấp Related PostsLearn English Vocabulary – In the Garden (Two Phrases)Learning English Through Stories 38: The Garden – Learn English online freeLearn English Listening | Beginner: Lesson 3. My Flower GardenEnglish Vocabulary: In the GARDENLearn Spanish STEM vocabulary […]

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  • Igor Pavlenko 6 months ago

    Thanks.Very interesting video .

  • ved chandra 6 months ago

    I liked your videos and i want you to take up daily life expression videos so that we can use in day to day conversation ..

  • Nikolay Sidorov 6 months ago

    Very interesting, thank you!

  • EmeritusE 6 months ago

    In England, is a garden hose referred to as hosepipe?

  • Adam Biryło 6 months ago

    I would like to live in your backyard too 🙂

  • Júlio César Lima de Sousa 6 months ago

    Very good, Max! I also live in a house that has a big backyard. I enjoy watering the plants. I found the clothesline device very interesting. Bye and please say hello to Frank and George for me.

  • Ivair Alcântara 6 months ago

    Hi Max, pls answer my comment for no reason

  • Daniel NGUYEN 6 months ago

    a great thank from an international student in Aus. I do learn a lot from your videos.

  • Juan Luis Colón Sosa 6 months ago

    Real lesson. God bless you. I am dying for your video ´´Idiom´´

  • Dennis Nguyen 6 months ago

    Oh dear, I fucking love this kind of video!!! what a magical video!!! I definitely found it outstanding and fantastic!! I've never learnt new words fast like this before!!! Thank you a lot for making thisssss!

  • Raul Fuzita 6 months ago

    Hello Max! 🙂
    I'm English student in Ireland. I've bee living here for six months. I've never studied English in my country.
    Today I'm at hospital. I feel sick.
    I had to talk to a doctor, and explain what happened with me. It wasn't easy, because I don't know very well about symptoms vocabulary. Could you please teach about it?
    Don't worry I'll be fine lol
    Thanks for everything 😀

  • Muhammad Abid 6 months ago

    Thank You!
    It was looking like I was learning in Australia while watching this video. Can I understand British or American Englishes too after watching your videos of Australian English.

  • Василий Ершов 6 months ago

    Hellow from Russia!
    Pls, delete a diamond from your nose. It's like a snot for me. Sorry…

  • nesta 6 months ago

    thank you very much

  • Alfonso Rivera 6 months ago

    Very useful lesson and as it has been said before, a really beautiful garden; I hope to visit Australia some day!

  • 3odaine 6 months ago

    this good way to learn ,
    you have a good way to teach English.

  • 3odaine 6 months ago

    this good way to learn ,
    you have a good way to teach English.

  • porrymanX 6 months ago

    Great lesson, congratulations.

  • Khải Nguyễn Tấn 6 months ago

    đây là Anh-My hay Anh-Anh vậy ad

  • Bigboss Love 6 months ago

    love ucan