They told us it couldn’t be done! ✋ But even in severe climates like Phoenix, Arizona, you can grow beautiful roses and fruit trees. This video is a sneak peek at our backyard garden. More to come later!

– Anna Apple
– Dorsett Golden Apple
– Satsuma Tangerine
– Minneola Tangelo
– Live Oak (for shade)
– Dwarf Mulberry
– Katy Apricot
– Loquat

We filmed this video during Holy Week, April 2020.

#arizonagardening #diy #fruittrees #naturejournal #homeschool #charlottemason

Backyard Garden Tour – Arizona Fruit Trees, Roses, and Nature Journaling with Kids

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  • Rose Hernandez

    Mr. And Mrs. Smith who did you get the mulberry trees from? I'm thinking of getting two for my backyard. I'm near the airport. Your yard is amazing, you have a beautiful rose garden. Who says we can't grow anything here in Phoenix. Blessings to all of you.

  • Paul Smith

    What a fantastic video! All of the journals are wonderful, especially Candyce's. You have such a lovely family and backyard!

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