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Indo-Israel run Centre for Excellence in Vegetables in Haryana at Karnal district, is an initiative that delivers information regarding Vertical farming. It helps farmers,students and others to use the new techniques of vegetables farming. “Baatein Kheti Ki” program Related PostsWhat is Vertical Farming? | Modern Farming Technique | Farming as Business Idea | खड़ी खेती95% कम पानी और मिट्टी के बिना खेती! | Future Vertical Farming Tech Will Use No Soil & 95% Less Waterपानी मे टमाटर की खेती || Hydroponic Tomato | soil less farming | Terrace farmingROOFTOP VERTICAL TOWER GARDENS! | Episode 2 – Green Food Solutions Interviewबिना मिट्टी के खेती । vertical hydroponic system । kisan farmingHydroponics Farming Agarwal ji ke vichar बिना मिटटी की खेती Hydroponics Farming in India

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