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Indira Rakhimzyanova, co-president of BHCC Sustainability Club, interviews Mark Winterer of Recover Green Roofs at the B2Green Expo and Networking in Somerville, MA. May 2012. music by gillicuddy at from “…plays guitar” twitter @ZonaVerdeMX facebook ZonaVerdeMX Soy Cynthia Villalba y aqui expongo las razones que tengo para construir muros y azoteas verdes. Espero te unas al equipo de reverdecimiento urbano. Why should we bother building greenroofs and greenwalls? Attempt number 7 Hi, my name is Cynthia Villalba and I am a recovering addict I am addicted to create greenroofs and greenwalls where there is only gray and concrete My addiction started 10 years ago In 2004 I presented a business case to the executive board of an important financial institution To implement a greenroof at the new Headquarter building that was under construction at the time right in front of The Angel of Independence monument… I know, I was naive… Specially when I was new at the institution and my job position was not a really high one It took me by surprise and it was great to my addiction… when only after a couple of weeks I got an email from the Banks CEO himself It was a Thank You email for the environmental proposal and the budget authorization to build a greenroof at the HSBC Headquarters offices in front ot The Angel monument plus 4 more bank branches In that moment I felt a bloodstream with dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline flowing all over my body beneath the skin… this “green demon” within me was alive! I guess thats what Hulk feels when he transforms… btw Hulk is also green… I think this new addiction that I recently learned about myself was always there, dormant So I allowed that this addiction took control of myself and thus […]

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  • Georgina Tuxpan 1 year ago

    Hola Cynthia he estado navegando en internet sobre este tema durante semanas y ahora que te encontre fue asi como motivador, mi proposito en este momento es lograr una azotea verde y hare todo lo necesario para aprender. Para mi familia es algo descabellado y costoso pero pondre toda mi energia en el proyecto. Felicidades tu conversacion salio desde tu corazon . !?

  • Yo quiero aprender!!?

  • Lilian Rivera 1 year ago