Added by on 2017-12-11 Avoiding Root Rot Rotting roots are a problem for many growers. The real cause quite often is the air pump being used to oxygenate the nutrient solution. Although the bubbles move the water, certainly better than nothing, they also massively “push” airborne bacteria into the nutrient solution tank. If you feel the surface of an air stone after it’s been in the solution for a week or two, that slimy stuff you see on it’s surface is bacteria and fungal colonies. Pythium is in the air along with plenty of other nasty things. A submersible pump can do a much better job at stirring and delivering oxygen into the solution. If ever you have a few spare dollars at hand, order a dissolved oxygen meter and you will also witness the oxygen levels being similar with both the pump and the airstone. Another good reason for a pump is zero maintenance and no noise. With deepwater culture systems where the roots are hanging in the nutrient solution, air stones will be needed only if growing oxygen loving fast growing plants. If you happen to be growing lettuce in a DWC system, water movement would be enough. These systems will work well for a few months then grow so contaminated that pythium becomes a big problem… always. Cleaning and sterilizing any system is very important! This is easy for the hobbyist that has a small system, but commercial scale growers will never, ever be able to keep everything clean enough and are almost always going to encounter some nasty bacterial problems. Hope this helps you in preventing root rot! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsUnder Current XXL Hydroponics -HUGE- Root System Harvest Time!!!Super Nova All In One Hydroponic Grow Box System by Dealzer.comBasement Lighting DWC – R Root […]

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