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Association for Vertical Farming ( AVF ) Summit 2015 Beijing Preview. Association for Vertical Farming Summit Beijing 帜·慧引领食品生产攀登新高 垂直农业协会(AVF)北京峰会暨中国现代农业系列高峰论坛 Taking food production to new heights 引领食品生产攀登新高 Beijing, China – May 9th & 10th 2015 Brought to you by AVF, Association for Vertical Farming e.V. AgriGarden, Beijing IEDA Protected Horticulture Co., LTD In collaboration with RUAF, Resource centres on urban agriculture & food security Sponsored by: agrilution Philips iF Juice Hortimax RUAF Introduction How can we transfer knowledge in the emerging industry of urban and vertical farming? By bridging the gap between East and West we can encourage sustainable business models and research projects globally. This event will bring together international experts and local stakeholders in urban and vertical farming to present best practices and technological progress to each other with the goal of developing a roadmap for pilot projects around the world. Focus on China The AVF’s focus on China is driven by staggering facts that one-fifth of China’s arable land is contaminated and three-quarters of the surface water flowing through urban areas is unsuitable for drinking or fishing. It is estimated that 850 million people will live in urban areas by the year 2020 – they will need to be fed with safe and sustainable resource saving methods. The AVF sees China, with its technological expertise, urban expansion, and existing indoor farming knowledge as a critical player in the global development of sustainable vertical farming. The Event in Beijing Within vertical farming, there are a number of challenges on the technical side including the development of sustainable business models, marketing strategies, and robust technology performance data. More needs to be done to collaborate on a roadmap to global implementation as well as analyzing the impact on society and the existing food system infrastructure. Companies, […]


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