This drone video was shot at our demonstrator farm near Dundee, Scotland.

The video starts by showing the exterior of the farm (25m wide x 12m long x 10m high) containing 4 towers and an airlock.

The drone then flies in through the airlock and showcases several fully automated operations highlighting key features and benefits of our systems.
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The future of agriculture may look very different? but how much is going to change and when is is likely to happen?

Traditional agriculture poses many global challenges, from food security to climate change. Can vertical farming improve the sustainability of our food production system? How big can the impact be? When will these changes happen?

There are many factors that help plant factories control their environment, from hydroponics and LED grow lights to CO2 regulation. However, indoor farming will have to boost it’s yield significantly if its going to be able to grow key crops such as rice and wheat.

These staple crops take significant light energy to grow and will require an energy revolution to realize. But with huge growth in green technology, can solar and wind energy be used to improve the sustainability of vertical farming? Can the challenges of renewable energy be mitigated with battery storage?

When can we expect these changes to happen?


Falling (Ft. eSoreni) by Sappheiros
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Automated Vertical Farming

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  • Exa Cognition

    Sorry this video took so long to make. Hope it´s worth the wait! I'm making changes to the way I do community stuff, will post an update soon.

  • Karl Pilkington

    Have you considered the idea of farming in space?

    Maybe this is crazy but the materials and technologies to make greenhouses in space are there and there is effectively infinite sun to harvest

    C-type asteroids are basically made of fertiliser, and silica to make thick glass, there would just be the issue of getting water

    The produce could be dried to conserve water then dropped to earth exactly where it is needed

  • Karl Pilkington

    Isn't barley fodder the same as just giving them any other feed? It's just you have to sprout it in a plant factory as well as grow the seed, in order to sprout it, in a field

  • Karl Pilkington

    This is a brilliant video although I'm unsure why they would use solar to power as it is less efficient than just using the sun, unless you're talking about harvesting solar in space?

  • In Under 200 Words Club

    One of the most important videos on You Tube. If every dwelling could be its own power source (ie Germany) then any combined excess can go into our local urban farms?

  • Skylar Westfield

    Maybe i didn't catch it. But did you factor gov subsidies into cost? 16.5 billion per year in U.S. for agriculture. I imagine places like California will have more leaning toward this kind of farming in the near future.

  • Archie

    Saw an advertisement of this channel on Degogo's coldfusion and clicked out of curiosity. Now I'm hooked and binge watching all the vids!! Subscribed already..

  • James Shelburn

    #PumpedDry you have 5 years on the inside if arid farming creates dust bowls around the globe solar will fail under a layer of silt. Thinking about the magnified screen film would that increase illumination physically free energy?

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