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Australian Organic Schools program, curriculum introduction video featuring Costa Georgiadis, presenter, Gardening Australia, from ABC Television This video shows a hydroponic garden that is used in a high school foods lab for the freshest ingredients! Students learn how to grow herbs and lettuce to use in culinary arts. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMy organic vegetable garden + some tips for growing your own food!Indoor vegetable GARDEN – Growing Organic Food at HomeEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodGardening Australia: Costa talk rooftop gardensYou Can Grow Organic Food with Nicola ChathamContra Costa Master Gardener’s 2nd annual Sustainability Fair, Sept. 6 at Our Garden. #ourgarden

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  • uppanadam74 1 year ago

    I'm sorry I need a cow in his garden!! LOL!!

  • HEEBLAY 1 year ago

    Great guy

  • SPACEMONKEY288 1 year ago

    what kind of music is that i love it lol

  • Pagan Winter 1 year ago

    "Happy growing" ;D

  • LoveIsLife 1 year ago

    love this guy

  • stefos100 1 year ago

    good work costa!!!!

  • Red Axe 1 year ago

    Go the GMO song on Utube. Good stuff. Need Big companys to make money labeling NON GMO. Why are they not doing it???
    They need to understand MONSANTO is already gone. They are changing there name now. Big school bully boys see ya

  • Boots carty 1 year ago

    @Dibby59 Thought the rubbish was deleted?

  • Dibby59 1 year ago

    glad to see you've deleted the rubbish…

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 1 year ago

    It is so cool that you are integrating fresh garden food into food lab. Great job!

  • A Paranormal Experience 1 year ago

    Man I've been waiting years for you too return. Can you please start from scratch Your growing method in including fertilizer, seeding, etc? PLEASE. You have so much to offer.

  • zzzombiez 1 year ago

    A great program evidently! – Mike