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  • mightymissk 9 months ago

    Inspired by Garden Answer and some British gardening shows, also on You Tube, I have filled my balcony with flowers and fairy gardens. The effect has been amazing. I've been dragging the neighbours in off the elevator to come and see it. It looks glorious. Every time I look at it I feel good.

  • Judy Rhine 9 months ago

    Your bulbs are glorious!

  • Karen simply adventurous 9 months ago

    My dream garden

  • Florence Meredith 9 months ago

    Laura do you make homemade tomato sauce? you have so many tomatoes..

  • swanmyth 9 months ago

    Where does she live ???

  • Jeannette Ugorji 9 months ago

    Your love of gardening and delightful personality are a joy to see. Keep up the good work!

  • Janet Northam 9 months ago

    that is a very weird way to treat a vegetable people gardening i guess

  • Yushi Kuang 9 months ago

    I think the playground need to be somewhere you see it from your windows and will have some shade. I prefer also to keep a certain distance from the flowers bed as bugs can be scare by kid who is having fun and play energetic. A inground trampoline could also be a good as they absolutely love them and it will fit with you round shape landscapes .

  • Ben F 9 months ago

    Come on corn plants there amazing

  • Gemmie Skye 9 months ago

    Absolutely lovely Laura.. And thank you for the Drone view Aaron! Also I was wondering if you might be willing to update us on Benjamin's sensory garden.. I loved watching you put together that teepee and have been very curious about how it turned out! Also, Russel for the win once again. ^-^

  • Asem Is Bishesowr Singh Singh Bishesowr Asem 9 months ago

    Plz speak slowly iam from India

  • Andrew Littlefield 9 months ago


  • Brandy Wright 9 months ago

    This space is one of my favorites for sure! I just love it! Such a beautiful job!

  • Samantha Mountain 9 months ago

    Lemon appeal what? I keep missing the full name. It is so beautiful

  • Alexis Hodgson 9 months ago

    Thanks for the tour! What neem blend do you use for the squash bugs again? They were so bad for us this year too!

  • Bill McKinney 9 months ago

    What is the soil make up for your vegetable garden. Love your videos and all the information you provide.
    I retired last year and for the first time will have time to start a garden. I live in the panhandle of Florida so our garden will be a little different from yours.

  • Planet Avenue 9 months ago

    What zone are you located in? My zone is 5b and my area is very arid as well.

  • Angela Mix 9 months ago

    Wow I like your video