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Roof by JBC Contruction In Riverside California, Greetings to Joe Belmontes! Video Rating: / 5 Please comment below! I love hearing from my viewers. Related Postsছাদে বাগান করার পদ্ধতি ও গাছ লাগানোর কৌশল | Roof gardening methods and tree planting techniquesGarden Room Workshop: Part 10. Warm roofPlum in Roof garden (টবে আলু বোখারা)Calculation of Dead Load, Live Load and Wind Load in Roof Truss | Calculation of Dead Load | Part 1छत पर बागवानी | Roof Gardening, Terrace Gardening करना चाहते है तो पूरा Video जरूर देखेंCasa en QUERÉTARO ZIBATA en VENTA 4 habitaciones roof garden con vistas espectaculares


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  • Myron Piano 4 years ago

    Wow, you keep a mighty sharp knife. That's the fastest shingle cutting I've seen. Great job?

  • TAW_Qtip 4 years ago

    i don't know about where you live but where i live you have to have ice and water shield in all valleys?

  • eric maxfield 4 years ago

    Well Done Video?

  • Drop Dad 4 years ago

    Very helpful thank you!?

  • R1Brooklyn 4 years ago

    nice vid?

  • Nathan Samson 4 years ago

    Measurements never work out to exact feet?

  • HeteroLifeMate 4 years ago

    Good video. I would like to comment on the ventilation portion of your video. What you said is true, that a roof won't last very long if it is not properly ventilated. However, more ventilation is not better. In ventilation, you should have it divided into 50% intake and 50% exhaust. Gable louver vents, whirly birds, power fans, and ridge vents are all exhaust. No need to have more than one kind of exhaust, BUT you must have the proper amount of intake venting to help with the flow pressure. So, make sure that 50% of your venting is soffit vents, fascia vents, etc. Use a roof ventilation calculator, and it will take care of itself by explaining exactly how many of each type of vent you would need to vent the attic.?

  • Santana Binacci 4 years ago

    what about tear off of an old roof I am re roofing an original roof I got a price of about $900 to tear off a 28 sq roof?

  • ALLEN LETIZIA 4 years ago

    got hip roof 20 ft long by 13 ft

  • Baylor Kern-Lovick 4 years ago

    How much profit should I go for? Obviously I'd estimate how many hours the roof would take before negotiating a price, but is there a certain % range for profit based on how much money was spent on materials? Thanks for the vid.?

  • Roofing Companies CT 4 years ago

    Thanks Chris. You have made roof estimating very easy, especially when intersecting roof lines are present with valleys and hips. Nice simple method you have devised here. Nice job and thanks.. :-)?

  • paula dasen 4 years ago

    Great, informative video for this novice. Good tips!?

  • Vickie Lynne 4 years ago

    Thanks for video Chris …Very informative ..?

  • silverpass77 4 years ago

    Hi Chris, great video. Quick question though, Is the slope factor in your estimate??

  • keosh777 4 years ago

    Great advice. Just had a couple leaks into my house after a rain storm..Time for a new roof… lol. This will help me figure out the cost of materials and go from there.

  • 09sadamjefferson 4 years ago

    hello sir. where did you get the 33.3 sq. ft? is it possible that the 33.3 sq.ft. can be change depending on what brand are you going to use? or as is??

  • GoatDriver Ram 4 years ago

    Chris, super vid, well put together. Reason I'm on your vid is because there is a re-shingle home job in my future and the last time I did my roof was 15 yrs (three near

  • candace rodriguez 4 years ago

    loved it very informative

  • gelio Garcia 4 years ago


  • varuffolo 4 years ago

    Couldn't find "roofrepairzone" web site… what do you think of doing the main home in shingles and the attached flat top garage as a tar roof? Your video was extremely helpful!

  • Chris Cosens 4 years ago

    Thanks for your comment. If you watch the video I explain that 2500 square feet is just a number I came up with. The point is to teach you have to estimate the roof yourself. I just said lets say the roof is 2,500 square feet for the sake of example. 2,500 sq ft is 25 square which is equal to about 75 bundles I added 5 bundles for waste equalling 80 bundles.