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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Comprising 30 acres, the mission of the Atlanta Botanical Garden is to develop and maintain plant collections for display, education, research, conservation and enjoyment, composed of a number of smaller themed indoor and outdoor gardens. Completed in the spring of 2010, the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Green Expansion Plan was a large-scale expansion project which doubled the size of the Garden while modernizing them at the same time. A number of new facilities constructed include the 600-foot-long Kendeda Canopy Walk providing visitors a journey through the treetops of Storza Woods, the Edible Garden featuring an outdoor kitchen and greenwall with a wide variety of flowering herbs, and the LEED Gold Allen and Gail Hardin Visitors Center. Now facing Piedmont Park, the Visitor Center provides a beautiful new entry experience for visitors and both extensive and intensive greenroofs cover nearly half of its roof area. EDAW (now AECOM) provided landscape design for the new entrance, LEED Gold SAGE parking deck, and Visitor Center. The Garden Roof Assembly from American Hydrotech was specified, using Stalite PermaTill growing media. The two inaccessible extensive greenroofs can be seen from the second level balcony, and visitors can walk out onto the intensive greenroof outside which meets grade on the upper level and stroll the paths. Providing additional garden area for visitors and even new wildlife habitat, a wide variety of shrubs, grasses, trees, and perennials were designed to provide color and interest in all seasons, and informational signage pertaining to the greenroofs can be found here as well. Runoff is filtered and an underground 100,000-gallon water cistern harvests stormwater from the seven-acre watershed and provides irrigation for 40% of the new gardens. Click here: to see more information about this project in […]

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