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  • MutationBuilder 3 months ago

    I watch these vids when I'm bored and their good but that tapping so many hits with the hammer is killing me..

  • Nofer Trunions 3 months ago

    12:06 doesn't that bottom "tail" has to go on top of some row of shingles otherwise it would be buried under shingles? This tail area is the difficult aspect of these types of valleys – any chance of a video dealing with this bottom treatment?

  • Francis Morency 3 months ago

    Just watched the whole serie, I like to refresh memories before doing something I haven't done in a while, I've watched about 10 different guys/company before this one. They all half ass or do somethings i don't like for a reason or another, main concern is they all wanna go fast and do the job for the least about of money, we are all human but a leaking roof is a leaking roof …

    Your method is the method, great job and great videos.


  • Hung Pham 3 months ago

    Dude, you have cowboy boots on!

  • Robert Symonette 3 months ago

    at what stage the eve drip is installed in the preperation for shingles? if tin flasing is prown to fail when it isnt stepped and protected… why use it so abundantly in valleys n end walls when there are better ways to approach such problem areas?

  • Jorge Cortez 3 months ago

    thank you for this vid, I'm trying to learn properly how to do it. so I can get into this business

  • Sims Grunt 3 months ago

    0:26 no rope/harness. and of course dragging couch cushions around like teddy bears

  • Mangy Pubic region 3 months ago

    By the way they're out of Romeo Michigan

  • Mangy Pubic region 3 months ago

    Paramount roofing is a scumbag company they rip people off regularly and I fix the repairs regularly and I don't even own a company before you hire that idiot do some research you won't regret it unless you pay him

  • AndyGee 3 months ago

    48k In 106sq is that including materials????

  • St Louis SEO 3 months ago

    excellent info on running a successful roofing company

  • Max Steel 3 months ago

    Love when the boss shows up and 2 mil gross sales or 2 mil in your pocket before or after tax

  • Carlos Contreras 3 months ago

    What are the steps to do what your friend is doing. Im sure a license is needed.

  • Carlos A 3 months ago

    ***Green pool! Looks radioactive. 3:03

  • Ryan Schroeder 3 months ago

    Osha would love to find one of your jobs, no ppe at all.

  • blaze 2017 3 months ago

    Fffffuuuuucccckkkk roofing ugh done it hate it. It's right up there with paving asphalt.

  • Murilo Mcflyy 3 months ago

    Make 2m a year beating off, heres how – buy a drone,
    Be motivated, convince people they can make money if they front like they know you and vouch for you, know how to bid a job, errrrrm 4..8.. thousand dellarzzz.. Making $12 an hour. Climb around on random latters. Beat off to kill the time, make a youtube channel for suckers, start a pyramid scheme, if you bring 100 of your friends to subscribe you make 2m. Easy.

  • Chris Justa 3 months ago

    Wish I was a silver spoon goof like you

  • GoofyBoy Omar 3 months ago

    15 years? That’s it? My dad has been working as a fabric man for 30 years.

  • Justin Alexander 3 months ago

    I love the titles that say "HOW TO MAKE $$$ DOING XYZ" when in fact its just some successful dude rambling on saying just do it! Not to knock the man's success at all, but the title is so misleading.

  • Jay Ruban 3 months ago

    He is idiot don't even no the fundament of the constitution

  • Chris Hollier 3 months ago

    Lol 10/12 roof atleast the got kick boards up

  • Ron Hughley 3 months ago

    Yep. Keep the mic out the shot. Lol. That's awesome shit

  • Jose Fuentes 3 months ago

    Your inspiration for someone like thats trying to get into this businesses

  • Jose Belman 3 months ago

    I aspire to have my company in the next 2 years. Great video

  • Hard work pays off!! It's simple, either you want to work or you don't!! Nice video Keith….shout out to Eric!!