Roofing contractor Jack Viera demonstrates installing three-tab asphalt roof shingles.

Asphalt Roof Shingles Installation

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  • undecided

    Thank you for this video, I live in Canada, Toronto and I have to do my roof again after 18 years. The contractor was using the IKO shingles on my roof and I was told that the product has 25 years of warranty, however, the shingles on the sunny side started to fall apart already after 18 years. I have contacted IKO and they are offering me the warranty reimbursement ONLY if I use their shingles again. My question is what is the normal lifespan for the shingles in general? How good these IKO shingles in comparison to the other brands?

  • ZaiZoe's Clashing

    Did he nail the aluminum flashing to the top side of the ice Shield. I don't know a f**** thing about asphalt Roofing but I do know something about water and that he has now created a future problematic area. Why didn't he nail that aluminum flashing underneath the ice Shield. Or do I have it wrong and that's the way it's supposed to be done

  • Shano

    Here in Australia we have been using corrugated steel roofing since we got off the convict ships. (well, mid 1800's anyway) The "tin" as we call it was coated with a relatively primitive zinc coating process back then. And there are many "heritage listed" houses here with those same steel roofs that are well over 100 years old.

    We have quite a large temperature range here from snow in the highlands to heat. About 90% of this country has weather similar to Venus….and it gets hotter in summer. With that said, I would expect the steel coatings/paint processes of today to last much longer than that.

    I quite often see American home improvement shows installing shingles and think how outdated and problematic the shingle roofing system is. It would be like using palm leaves to cover your roof…. they lift up when the wind blows and you rely on a sheet of plastic underneath to keep the rain out. That makes no sense to me.

  • Barry Griffin

    Any new construction requires a dry in w/at least 30# paper, nails every 6 inches, and in hurricane installations, nails every 4 inches on the drip edges.
    You never used or explained roof cement to hold down the bottom row.
    6 nails are current code per shingle almost everywhere.

    I think the Tool man or any pro roofer would get you on this!
    Plus, you should explain the benefits of Architectural shingles.


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