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Environmental Working Group researcher gets to the bottom of the hydroponic vs organic question. Video Rating: / 5 BIoponica’s Biogarden. Ebb and Flow aquaponic ecosystem. Growing more with biochar, worms and liquid fertilizer from the adjacent Incubator and Grass Reactor. Fish are optional but fertilizer is sourced from green manures such as food waste and grasses. Related PostsOrganic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment Nov 2013Failed Again – Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer ExperimentOrganic hydroponics growing chard, duckweed & lettuce. Using DIY liquid fertilizerFive College Farms tour of the organic hydroponic heirloom tomato greenhousesOrganic Nutrient Mixing 101 | Hydroponic Reservoir Management | Grow Room Tank Mixing Organics#2 Hydroponic Gardening – Grow Organic Plants Fast / Hydroponic growing in my house, Cambodia

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  • Leslie J. Colon 10 months ago

    Thanks for the movie.
    I also have the thorough step-by-step video instructions on how to grow your very own home made Aquaponic system. Its very easy that even your granny can do it!
    Look at the following blog for additional information:

  • Sherrye Coggiola 10 months ago

    Please let me know how to get Hydroponics organically certified,

  • Parra Robert 10 months ago

    Aque Culture ROBERT 602-332-9913 *lighting *timers *6 plant, 12 plant systems *much more 2125 E. Priest Dr. # 302 Tempe, AZ. 85283

  • acenterview 10 months ago

    In the early years of Hydroponics I suppose some big producers used some "chemicals". If you want real, true life Organic Hydroponic – then look at the closed loop system of Aquaponics. Fish get feed, poop, water pumped to plants. Bacteria break down ammonia to nitrogen which feed the plants and clean water is returned to the fish. Plant eating fish like Tilapia are feed duckweed so no chemicals are needed in the entire food chain if you have the right ratio of fish to plants.

  • I recommend using Mighty Crobes from sierra chemical company (. com). This stuff helps out your roots a ton. I use it for all my indoor crops and especially cuttings. Great inoculant and lasts up to a year.

  • If you seriously just asked that question please give me your address so that I can fly a microlight into it. Dumbass.

  • Michael Bekele 10 months ago

    @greymobvmp sorry you took personal offense to my comment, but I was just repeating what the guy said. He said chemicals, not active culture. You probably support hydroponics and you may already grow hydroponically, didn't mean to offend your livelyhood. But seriously, we should reconsider, and at least test the side effects of growing things outside of their intended nature. 

  • greymobvmp 10 months ago

    @strid3r34 dip shit , when you grow geoponicly (soil) you are growing in a rotting mix of active culture, like a nasty quicksand stew thats decomposing, if you knew anything really about growing shitt then you would see that your stament make you look like an asshole who couldnt keep it in a second longer! study up bro, then come back here and delete that bullsharck you said…aloha oi

  • guyontheend 10 months ago

    @SpikenAL everything is a chemical

  • Michael Bekele 10 months ago

    WTF did u just hear what this guy said? These hydroponic plants are grown in a stew of chemicals. Why don't people grow shit outside like it was supposed to

  • boxa888 10 months ago

    @Sojaofdapepo i am gonna try it some day once i get a green house set up. yea like a watered down mudd filled with leaves manuer wood chips things like that just make a nice slury of the stuff and have it circulate through a turbine and have that mix and give the plants the nurients, im sure it would work very well, that way even if i cant claim it organic, i know its organic and good for my people who care like me about our growing food concerns lol. 

  • boxa888 10 months ago

    @mizzrubble thats not true, russia grows all organic in giant green houses with no troubles, you invite the insects and fungus and permaculture into the greenhouses to keep it like the natural environment.everyone look it up its impressive, no GMO bull shit that we deal with here, if you give the plant machines the right fertilizers and nurients you never need to GMO shit!

  • boxa888 10 months ago

    @Sojaofdapepo why cant you liquify organic soil in a water solution and give it to the plants, that sounds organic to me! you can circulate a liquified solution with the right equipment. that should be allowed then. get a tesla turbine and there will never be a clog ever! 

  • boxa888 10 months ago

    @normloman why cant you liquify organic soil in a water solution and give it to the plants, that sounds organic to me! you can circulate a liquified solution with the right equipment. that should be allowed then. 

  • 2RevoWa 10 months ago

    The result is much higher growth rates, yields and even
    crop quality than organic methods can achieve. This is not what
    some people want to hear, but it is the simple scientific truth – and
    practically all scientists and educators in the fields of agriculture
    and chemistry know it and will be the first to agree. In fact, the
    kinds of materials which are permitted for use under "organic"
    regulations are not of sufficient purity to be used for hydroponic
    culture. Thank you for reading

  • 2RevoWa 10 months ago

    Here are the Facts. There is a huge popular debate about the value of "organic" fertilizers and methods, many people would like to apply "organics" to hydroponics.
    Currently accepted organic fertilizer
    components are dependent upon organisms in the soil to convert
    the "organic" materials into a useable form for plants. So While Growing Hydro,
    In hydroponics we provide the minerals required for plant growth
    directly, completely eliminating the need for soil and soilorganisms.

  • zeke gar 10 months ago

    from what i read and i may be wrong is that a dirt farm that is organic has to have no comical or man made pesticides on the dirt and plant. also the seeds used have to be organic. you can add natural fertilizer, example would be sea weed. hope that answers your question.

  • zeke gar 10 months ago

    hahaha both ways organic or from a none organic dirt farm can be said about got to take your own advice before talking.

  • Chris Counterpart 10 months ago

    hi David. nice system! what are those cylinders you used for the tanks/grow beds?

  • Lachi Maye 10 months ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you will have to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that are pricey.

  • bulleuston76 10 months ago

    I didn't see anything about the grass reactor etc?

  • David Epstein 10 months ago

    bioponica. you can find it on google.

  • Dr Dank 10 months ago


  • David Epstein 10 months ago

    No but we sell them at a great price.

  • Dr Dank 10 months ago

    Got a video of you building this by chance?

  • David Epstein 10 months ago

    or bioponics.

  • RupertofOZ 10 months ago

    Nothing wrong with what you're doing… but without fish, it's not aquaponics, it's just organic hydroponics, or vermiponics

  • David Epstein 10 months ago

    We sell them with plumbing and valves.

  • J Penalba 10 months ago

    where do you find those black corrugated tubes?

  • David Epstein 10 months ago

    Thanks Mr Turtl

  • Michael Carlsen 10 months ago

    You guys freakin rock!, Thank you for what you have inspired!