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A New product by our company-Hydroponic Fodder Nutrients. Visit our Website for more Information at : Like Us on Facebook : Related PostsAshwin Sawant | Is Hydroponic Fodder Organic or Inorganic…?Ashwin Sawant | What is the need of Hydroponics in todays dateChoosing Grow Lights and Hydroponics Starter Kits Plus Hydroponics Nutrients for Great ResultsHow I mix my hydroponic nutrients solution for best results for growingHow to Make Hydroponic Nutrients – How to Make Nutrients for Hydroponic System (URDU/HINDI)Vertical Hydroponic DIY System uses a Single Nutrient for Amazing Results

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  • king maker 1 year ago

    இந்த ஹைட்ரோபோனிக் பற்றிய மிக தெளிவான விபரங்கள் தமிழில் அரிய இந்த லிங்கை தொடரவும்

  • Suhail S 1 year ago

    It's profit or lose compare to land growing grass

  • ФЕРМЕР ХАЛЯЛЬ 1 year ago

    How many days is that ?

  • MOHAMMED ALI 1 year ago

    nobody telling fodder/kg cost , everybody only want to sell product . first of all we should know the input and output cost of green fodder not setup.

  • gold rose 1 year ago

    Wrong way.. When it sprut into leaves it will loose it's nutrients .. 8 days is maximum time limit

  • sandip solanki 1 year ago

    Cost for 10 animal setup

  • Rajesh LPP 1 year ago

    Dear All,
    In 1 Kg of any seeds, you will get only 5 kg green food for animal,
    Many videoes says in 1 kg you will get 10kg green foods in 7 days ,all are fake,
    i personally tyred but got 5kg green food in 12 days,
    Please ignore such type of videos,

  • Prathvi Raj 1 year ago

    How can i contact you sir?

  • Prathvi Raj 1 year ago

    How can i contact you sir?

  • FABIN k 1 year ago

    Can I get your contact number/what's app no.

  • active farmer joshi 1 year ago

    Sir kya ye chara cow v Buffalo ko khila sakte h

  • waqar hussain 1 year ago


  • brijesh choudhary 1 year ago

    their is no nutrition level test report shown anywhere about this fodder ..

  • inayat ullah khan 1 year ago

    Maa shaa Allah

  • VANADAN SINGH 1 year ago

    Sir ye tray me holes kyu hote hai??

  • Life And Nature Kh 1 year ago

    Wonderful sharing, sir

  • Tanveer Alam 1 year ago

    mitti k bina grass aise hi h jese jal bin machli

  • Drgil Drgil 1 year ago

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  • Srine seenu 1 year ago

    Hi savanth I need training on this can u support?