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In a small forest in France’s Dordogne, self-taught carpenter Menth Related PostsTiny Home Living Roof EarthshipTiny Hobbit House with Amazing Green Roof – Off Grid Straw Bale CabinPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsSquash on living roof – food forestCool DIY Green Living Wall Projects For Your HomeThe Garden Gurus – Creating Living Walls at Home


Green Roofs


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  • Inge Borg 2 years ago

    Peter Lustig?

  • Mossy Bark 2 years ago

    Thats a fantastic little building really nice?

  • Andrew Ogle 2 years ago

    That's cool.?

  • Kawakeb Astra 2 years ago

    … living like that must change consciousness – heighten inter species interconnectedness – 16th century French architect Philibert de l'Orme's ideas of no nails building for poor farmera is sensational this sef-taught carpenter Menthe fabulous,great post! THX?

  • Earl Archibald Campbell of Argyll 2 years ago

    France, not very handy in a war, but they know how to build their tiny houses!?

  • nzinga zindua 2 years ago

    I like.?

  • Ijusttokin 2 years ago

    It's a beautiful house but that balcony looks sketchy as fuckk?

  • Ken Anderson 2 years ago

    Simply beautiful. Thank you.?

  • Lore Martz 2 years ago

    AMAZING :)?

  • Suzanne de Cornelia 2 years ago

    The Dordogne is so fabulous. BTW the French are trying to build Hemp Agriculture and so the are farming subsidies….and Dordogne has a lot of farming..and tons of water. Love this charming place he made…?

  • duane campbell 2 years ago

    This is truly stunning!?

  • mittags Schlaferl 2 years ago

    this is awesome and stunning. Totally fell in love with this house :-)?

  • Jennifer Grove (Dark Moon) 2 years ago


  • Tracy Lunos 2 years ago


  • Yumi Wu 2 years ago

    Omg.. Who's that guy? Marry me! That's my dream house~ ??

  • steffanp88 2 years ago

    Where does he get food??

  • Bauss 2 years ago