In today’s video I will share an update of what I’m growing in my garden here in Arizona. Winter is about to start here and with winter the best gardening time of the year starts as well 🙂
I have started some tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers in containers, dill, parsley and a few other things.

I hope you find this video helpful and if you have any questions, please post them in the comment section and I will answer them.

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Arizona Winter Gardening – Starting Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers & Herbs

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  • Midwest Gardener

    Very cool to see tomatoes, cucumbers and your other stuff just coming up! This is when you get your reward for enduring all of those hot summer days 🙂 What will the temps be in December?

  • Michelle T.

    I am so happy i stumbled upon your channel! I am new to AZ and am trying to learn how to start a veggie garden here. I am originally from Midwest so it seems seasons are switched. I might start my first year in containers. I am not sure i want to commit to a raised bed yet.

  • re lee

    hello sasha , maybe you can ask mrms bobcat to guard your cucumbers ……have you ever eaten okra ?….okra grows very well in hot weather….and you can cook it in so many different recipes…..i love okra…..and one plant is so prolific with its okra , that 3 plants should provide you with plenty……..i hope you don't mind me commenting on older videos…….allen

  • LucasGrowsBest

    Cool that you can plant it October! It is way too late to plant where I live in zone 5b. We will be getting some heavy frosts soon 🙁 Let the indoor gardening commence! Love the video Sasha, great job! Best regards, Lucas

  • Edwin Thompson

    Sasha Yes i shall need all the luck with my garden bucket loads of it only then will i succeed in growing stuff … only jokin Sasha happy winter gardening this season ………….Ed

  • Edwin Thompson

    Hi Sasha correct me if i am wrong ….. Did you say you were planting 'Money Maker' tomatoes i have those too My father grew those every year ….. Sold pound after pound of them…… paid for the next years crops Ive got planted Market Most cucumbers Also some Mexican Bunions Jamaican Bunions peppers they are superb for making salsa and sauces … i like them in Stir/ Fry……… Albeit this is my first winter gardening in Az we shall see what success i shall have come the scorching summer heat Sasha god be with you now …………Ed

  • Edwin Thompson

    Hello Sasha you OK …….. Sasha what fertilizer do you put in your raised beds ……. I have only just started gardening down here in South Arizona……. Ive found out winter gardening here in Az is summer gardening up in Utah where i use to live …Must say my dear…. your videos are very informative you explain things very well easy to follow thanks Oh any tips you might have on growing here in Arizona would be most appreciated See ya Now….. look after your self stay safe…………..Ed

  • BobMels Gardens

    Your winter garden is looking great. Nice to be able to garden in the winter. I can do some too, but not as much as you can. Good luck with it. Best wishes Bob.

  • Christine

    I thought cucumbers are warm weather crops? Obliviously they work for you. Im thinking you have time before it gets too cold to grow a few cucumbers? All I know is, like you said in your previous videos that tomatoes do not do well in pots and this year all my tomatoes are going in a bed. Never again I will try and plant them in pots. Im in southern AZ too just in case anyone is reading this. The heat is too much

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