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GREEN KISSING GOURAMIS FROM ARIZONA AQUATIC GARDENS Farm-Raised-Hard To Find Tropical Fish,Shrimp,Snails,Aquatic Plant&Supplies Shipped To Your Door Year Round.This Is Were I Buy My Green Kissing Gouramis From. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsArizona Aquatic GardensDesert Gardens A Photographic Tour of the Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumThe Gardens, Scottsdale, ArizonaMonolith Gardens, ArizonaArizona gardensReal Gardens for Real People – Sun City, Arizona – Part 4 – 03/12/11

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  • stealthlead 1 year ago

    Do not buy from this company. Many of there products arrive DOA and tye are cocky, rude, and will plain out ignore you sometimes. I am speaking from personal experience…. save you're money.

  • Brendon Stoneburner 1 year ago

    I recently (and foolishly) ordered from them. When I inquired about a refund for the DOA's the alleged owner "Peter" refused to refund my money and told me that I have issues and to, "take them out on your wife or girlfriend on your own time". What terrible people.

  • Laurie Karnatz 1 year ago

    I'm wondering how much this guy was paid to post this video. Horrible company will rip you off. Never order from them! And don't take my word of it. Plenty of complaints all over the net!

  • John Smith 1 year ago

    Check out arizonas aquatic gardens bbb rating its an F read reviews there a rip off