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September gardening in Arizona. Find out what to do this month to have a successful fall and winter garden. What you can plant in September in hot climates. *Which VEGETABLES to plant and whether to plant seeds or transplants. *Which garden tasks should be done to help your garden survive and thrive during September. Want to learn more? Arizona Garden in September: Arizona Garden in September Arizona Planting Calendar: Arizona Planting Guides: Seed Sources: Seeds Now Renee’s Sticky Traps: Soil Test Kit: Organic Fertilizer: Link to buy garden grids: Use code ‘Angela10’ to save off 0. Thanks for watching! Related PostsARIZONA GARDEN in OCTOBER: What TO DO & PLANT – plus tips for FALL GARDENINGARIZONA GARDEN in AUGUST: What TO DO & PLANT – plus tips for FALL GARDENINGARIZONA GARDEN in JULY: What TO DO & PLANT – plus tips for MONSOON GARDENINGHow To Plant Tomatoes & Peppers into Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Arizona – Organic Gardening TipsARIZONA GARDEN in NOVEMBER: What TO DO & PLANTVERTICAL GARDENING TIPS & IDEAS: Why and how to add VERTICAL SPACE to your garden for EVERY BUDGET

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  • Chichen 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can pickup any compost or mulch in bulk here in the Mesa area?

  • noheanaka 2 months ago

    Where has this channel been all my life! Yes! I'm going to go devour all of your older videos!!!!

  • Gilberto Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Hi Angela!!! Thank you so much for that link about citrus in containers. Very helpful and interesting. I really like your videos. Take care and be safe.

  • PeaceLoveAndRico 2 months ago

    your content is so concise and so informing!!! im saving all of your videos so i end up wasting less soil, seed, time, and tears(unless i can water plants with them…) in my yard! Thank you so much!

  • Madhuri Bele 2 months ago

    Can you please let me know when can we sow/plant these ?
    1. Crossandra flower seeds
    2. Daisy seeds
    3. Blue pea flowers
    4. Hibiscus Hirtus

  • Eugene Doogleberry 2 months ago

    Hi Angela, if buying a bag if compose or potting soil, do I need to add dirt or topsoil to the mix?

  • Fulton Science 2 months ago

    Nice review! Thanks for posting. Taking notes for my garden!

  • Alex Scarla 2 months ago

    Just found you. This is very well done and please keep this up for us novice gardeners! Thanks a ton!

  • Elizabeth Coleman 2 months ago

    This is perfect. Thank you. I want to plant some trees in our backyard to get some shade before next summer. Our backyard is a horrendous hot box.

  • Eugene Doogleberry 2 months ago

    Great vid. Where can I get good soil in Phoenix?

  • JesusFreakJen 2 months ago

    Where is the low desert in Arizona? Is Tucson in the low desert?

  • Suzette Woods 2 months ago

    Do you do a Fall garden tour?

  • Cameo Wilson 2 months ago

    Hi! Should we still plant all of the regular September seeds even though it's not under 100 degrees during the day consistently yet? Thanks!

  • Jayaru Paranagama 2 months ago

    Thank you thank you thank you for this!

  • Rozanne Bee 2 months ago

    You are my favorite AZ Master Gardener. Thank you!

  • mezleona 2 months ago

    Hi could you share how to get transplant out? I started tomatoes, beans and cucs, tried to aclimate them but they
    hated the heat! and died! so I have not been able to get anything in the garden, also do you start your plants as seed in the garden? or do you transplant? I get sun from all areas, no shade, I tried some shade cloth but did not work, I have lost 2 peach trees and an apple that I had under shade are, they just burned!

  • Wyked Moose 2 months ago

    A Little HOT!