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I posted this video on their Facebook page … of course they deleted it! Will be posting it back to them each and every time they delete! Worst company EVER! HORRIBLE “FAMILY” owned business!!!!! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsArizona Aquatic Garden UnboxingArizona gardensWest Clear Creek Wilderness – Hanging Gardens – Arizona by 4XPEDITION8 AMAZING Gardens & Farms in ARIZONAThe Gardens at Willow Creek, Prescott, ArizonaCitation Gardens Tucson Arizona

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  • Jewels Petersen 1 year ago

    I finally got a hold of AAG where the gentleman on the other end told me "what's the big deal? It's like cutting off half your finger nail and allowing it to grow back." Really?!? Then he said "did you think we did not get your emails?" I tried to explain to him I sent emails directly to there ordering site! He then accused me of "attacking him" I never received my 2 blue male Moscow guppies and I guess I neglected to hit the "do not substitute button" on the ordering website … so I got a .99 cent deformed fish instead of $20.00 worth of fish. The man on the other end also explained to me "it's a $9.00 fish why do you care?" Just so happens I work hard for my HONEST money … I don't have the opportunity to lie to my customers and send them crap! Why do I care? I am even more disgusted with this company than I was before being able to talk with them. Look up there reviews on the internet 94 out of 97 were negative! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!