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Disclaimer, worst camera work ever. I ordered a few things from and then saw a bunch of negative reviews for this company. I was abit concerned so I decided to record the unboxing in case of any issues. Everything was great however so I’m giving this company a good review. I ordered 3 Fiddler crabs, 12 Mosquito fish, and 10 floating plants (water lettuce). I did loose one fish in transit but that is to be expected and should have ordered a few more. The shipping cost was alittle high but so was every other company I looked at. The only issue I did have with them was that it took about 2 weeks from my order date to receive them and I have no idea when they were shipped out as I did not receive any sort of notice from the company. So I don’t actually know how long there were in transit. Otherwise I am satisfied with this company. To support the juicy living tour and to watch more video interviews, visit http://www.JuicyLivingTour Donate now to support the Juicy Living Tour at Stay tuned on the Juicy Living Tour and where it is right now in the world from Lilou’s facebook fan page at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsArizona Aquatic Gardens delivers ***DEAD FISH***Arizona Aquatic GardensWARNING: Arizona Aquatic GardensUnboxing Jungle Magic Garden Sciencz Kids Toys Kyrascope Toy ReviewsDesert Botanical Garden | Phoenix Arizona RV Travel DestinationIncredible Backyard Garden – Arizona

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  • Bryan Phillips 11 months ago

    I remember I had to dispute the charge. I mean it was like 30 days tons of emails and NOTHING. It was a healthy order too. I just thought for sure I'd hear something about the order. No one is just going to leave money on the table. I started to think it was a scam, but I guess the ball got dropped, rolled off the table, out the door, down the street. That's when the light bulb clicked on. Oh no, I need to get my money back. I so wanted my cichlids.

  • Derek B 11 months ago


  • Peter Yunger 11 months ago

    As the owner of this company it is shocking to see these terrible posts about us.  It's unfortunate that anyone can post an un-moderated comment about anyone without merit or truth online.  It seems anyone can become a professional critic once they are hiding behind their keyboard. Our family owns and operates a loving business and has done so since 1987. We work very hard 7 days a week to not have to tolerate the nastiness of haters or those that want to change our policies on losses to suit their individual outcome. That is why we have rules set in place.  We are in business because we want to take care of people and love what we sell. Over the past couple of decades we have streamlined, perfected and improved how things have been raised, packaged and shipped. Finding small Mom/Pop businesses like ours are a dying breed, and out of the 900,000+ orders we have shipped, if we can narrow it down to just these few haters, then so be it.  We are saddened by the ugly posts but of course, how many people actually go online to post something loving or positive?  Many are motivated by hate.  We promise to continue to move forward, and treat our customers in a loving way, in the way that we founded this business.  You just have to trust your heart.  Only myself, my son, and 1other person here are men, and our staff is mostly women including my wife. The employees we have are part of our family and would never go online to talk badly about us.  We are each other's support system, saying "I love you" before we go home at night is common, old employees that have left over the years have left for better opportunities or if they moved, or when they get older and are still in contact with our family and enjoy family events with us to this day. That is the truth.  Shame on the those portraying or bad-mouthing our company.  There are many things we could say in our defense, but it's not worth even putting energy into that negativity, we choose to take the high road, and our faithful customers will continue to come back to us.  We believe in Karma!  As the legit owner, you may call my cellphone and talk to me directly 520-971-onethreefiveseven. if there is ever a question or concern. (how many owners do that?)    Thank you for reading.  Peter

  • AgressiveInliners 11 months ago

    I've heard this too about them. I hadn't known anything until after I ordered and luckily everything turned out well. All I can go off of is my own experience. Maybe I just got lucky, maybe they have an unjustified rap. I don't know.

  • AgressiveInliners 11 months ago

    It wasn't that much, however, shop around and you'll see that everywhere else is just as expensive or more for what I wanted. This was the cheapest website.

  • ryukinrodney™ 11 months ago

    you spent 40 dollars over night shipping for that 5.00 worth of stuff

  • Jake Johnston 11 months ago

    Fish and crabs are far more hardy than shrimp so I would expect things to go alright with this order.

  • Jake Johnston 11 months ago

    I had the same experience. I video taped the 2nd shipment because it was obvious they didn't care or knew what they were doing…..

  • AgressiveInliners 11 months ago

    I did, if you read my comments under the video. I said that I ordered from them then saw its rating. It was too late by then and thats why I made a video, because I expected it to be crap and all dead. I was surprised and decided to post what I had gotten. Maybe they've turned things around or maybe I just got lucky. I'm not sure. But I am happy with what I got and everything is still alive and kicking.

  • John Smith 11 months ago

    Check out there BBB rating its an F I'm glad you got a good shipment but don't try and fool anyone.

  • AgressiveInliners 11 months ago

    They usually next day them. So they sit in a box for a day or two at most.

  • Kerri Hickman 11 months ago

    Only one died? That's sad 🙁 I can't believe they let people ship live animals in America 🙁

  • BetterYouBetterWorld 11 months ago

    gotta love native vegan people 🙂

  • I wonder how much they have to water

  • Jesus Martin 11 months ago

    R you single CYNTHIA you re beutiful..

  • Now there is someone who is special

  • MR GARDEN PROJECTS 11 months ago

    Great video. I've just found you channel and I think it's great. I've subscribed to your channel. Thanks for sharing.

  • ZS6JMP 11 months ago

    Where is the water coming from??

  • Chicks Wheels 11 months ago

    7:40 shes talking a complete bullshit about these alkaloids.

  • Bob Burnitt 11 months ago

    Yep, haul in soil and haul in water.  BB

  • bunkers1231 11 months ago

    What's with the Canadian accent?

  • wheeliegrl 11 months ago

    cause God didnt create it, nature did, bible thumping weirdo. And as long as you plant a long with nature and respect it there isnt a problem. Lemme guess, u think a lightning bolt gonna hit the greenhouse?? jerk

  • Arlene Gil 11 months ago

    great video… Cynthia should do veggie growing videos she is great!

  • OfftoShambala 11 months ago


  • bohemian4love 11 months ago

    LOVE IT!

  • odis bynum 11 months ago

    I enjoyed your video!! I live East of Phoenix and I'm looking forward to getting started!!!!! Great video, Thanks!!! -Odis Bynum

  • earthwormjah 11 months ago

    I know, too bad Arizona can't just be a bunch of heavily armed inbred meth smoking trailer dwelling racist homophobic cross eyed ingrates as Jesus clearly intended

  • Chris Everitt 11 months ago

    so glad this has come into my awareness… can't wait to visit 🙂

  • claudia launer 11 months ago


  • The Chopping Block 11 months ago

    Just makes 'em fat and tasty.

  • IrishAnthony 11 months ago

    Do those chipmunks ever steal your crops?

  • jfsfrnd 11 months ago

    What's wrong with hippies?